Contemporary Romance review: Fit by Rebekah Weatherspoon

fitFit by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Published by: Self-Published

Format: Kindle e-book

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Order from: Amazon

Reviewed by: Erin

What kind of awesome can you expect inside: Featuring a fat heroine, a smitten hero, the agonies and ecstasies of exercise, lots of laughs, and incendiary sex. Read More

Captive Prince: a Celebration at Binge on Books

It’s February 1st, and for most people, it naturally means the beginning of the month, while for some of us, it actually comes as the end of a very, very long wait.

Tomorrow, February 2nd, the last book in the Captive Prince trilogy by C.S. Pacat will make its debut, and thus put what I’m sure is a gorgeous and satisfying cap on a hugely incredible fannish experience.

You see, Kings Rising isn’t just a long-anticipated book–it’s fandom history, and fandom celebration. Years ago in the wild fannish lands of LiveJournal, Captive Prince got its start as a serial, with chapters being posted every few weeks or so under “freece.” Nominally a well-known trope of slavefic, this series quickly spread like wildfire through fandom, finding its way into many a corner and heart that may not have clicked on it had it not been for their friends discovering it and telling them, no, seriously. It’s not just slavefic. It’s so much more. You have to read this. You HAVE to.

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Authors Interviewing Authors: Kris Ripper chats with J.R. Gray

What’s that? It’s Authors Interviewing Authors time again? YES! This month’s Authors Interviewing Authors post features two of my most favorite people in books talking what they love best: namely, writing (and also torturing their fans with teasers and secrets). Kris Ripper holds nothing back while asking J.R. Gray those hard questions and the answers…well, let’s just say they both enjoy themselves far too much.  Read More

A Spotlight and Giveaway for…Magic Mansion by Jordan C Price!

Now it’s no secret that I’m a rabid Jordan C Price lover: she has so much talent and so much energy and so many crazy, fantastical, wonderful stories inside her that you can’t NOT be a fan. She’s one highly engaging writer of urban fantasy and these ideas she gets? Well…let’s just say that I’d be hard pressed to name anyone of any era who can match her there.

One idea she had – for a reader interactive story where characters were voted out as the story progressed – became the novel we know today as Magic Mansion. Don’t know it? Well, let me break it down for you:

Professor Topaz is tired of fending off advice that he should retire in Vegas where magicians his age have an easier time finding work.

Ricardo Hart’s career has sunk so low, he’s resorted to shaking his moneymaker at bachelorette parties.
magicmansion-ace But there’s a casting call for a new reality show called Magic Mansion that could change everything for these two gay stage magicians, one recovering from the loss of his partner, and the other awe-struck by the presence of his idol. Each is poised for a critical second chance: at fame, and at love.

Who will win? Step into the Mansion, and find out….


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Cover Reveal: Out of Nowhere by Roan Parrish

OutOfNowhere_headerbannerTwo weeks ago Binge on Books was excited beyond belief to bring you all sorts of fantastic, exclusive info about Roan Parrish’s next release in the In the Middle of Somewhere series, Out of Nowhere. This week, we have the gorgeous cover for it and a teaser you may have seen already if you subscribe to Roan Parrish’s newsletter. But if not…well…get ready for a double whammy of amazing.

Without any further waiting, here’s your very first peek at Out of Nowhere:

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Author Chat with Binge on Books, January Edition: C.S. Pacat

Next week, on Feb 2nd, is a date that all of us here at Binge on Books has noted in the calendar, circled in bright red ink, with a warning out to all friends and family: don’t even bother talking to us, expecting us to work/make dinner/interact with you, or anticipate us doing anything other than reading Kings Rising, the highly and hotly anticipated third installment in C.S. Pacat’s groundbreaking Captive Prince series. It’s 7 long years of waiting for some and finally, FINALLY, it will be released.

captive prince trilogyIf you’ve never read Captive Prince, stop everything you’re doing right now and read it. I’m not joking. Read it. Now. Right now. It’s one of the most gorgeous, heart breaking, revolutionary works of genre fiction I’ve read to date. It’s a book that’s stuck with me since I first reviewed it back in 2013 and one that is routinely recommended by me to anyone looking for something extraordinary. It’s one series that will obliterate what you think about political intrigue, romance, and fantasy, overturning stereotypes and engrossing you. It’s the book you’ve been dying to read but didn’t even know it.

In anticipation of the third and final book’s release, I sat down in my latest Author Chat with Binge on Books to discuss all things Captive Prince with C.S. Pacat herself. Cat was lovely enough to submit to a lightning round of silly questions and a rapid fire Q&A about craft, upcoming projects, and Kings Rising itself. She even goes so far as to discuss the question at the forefront of every long time reader’s mind: did Laurent know?


So with that, I give you, the January 2016 edition of Author Chat with Binge on Books, featuring C.S. Pacat!


CS PacatC. S. Pacat is the author of the Captive Prince trilogy, including Captive Prince and Prince’s Gambit. Born in Australia and educated at the University of Melbourne, she has since lived in a number of different cities, including Tokyo and Perugia. She currently resides and works in Melbourne.

Find C.S. Pacat on her website: or on her publisher’s website:

Connect with her on Twitter: @cspacat


Historical Romance Review: A Gentlemen’s Game by Theresa Romain

A Gentlemen’s Game by Theresa Romain

Published by: Sourcebooks

Format: eARC

Genre: Regency Romance (Historical)

Order from: Amazon

Reviewed by: Erin

What to expect: Featuring a road trip, old secrets, hidden lives, lots of horses, and sparkling dialogue.

Read More

Romance Review: Pain Slut by J.A. Rock

painslutPain Slut (The Subs’ Club #2) by J.A. Rock

Published by: Riptide Publishing

Format: eARC

Genre: BDSM Erotic Romance

Order from: Amazon

Reviewed by: Erin

What to expect: Featuring the good kind of hurting, non-sparkly vampires, and the eternal question of what being an adult really means. Read More

Book Reveal: Roan Parrish’s next book

If you follow me or this site pretty regularly, there are two things you will know with a great deal of certainty:

1. I adore author Roan Parrish. Why? Girlfriend can write. Whether it’s sexy, nuanced romance, an essay about gender, identity, and pandering, or a paranormal Halloween short, one thing’s for sure: it is all gorgeous and lush and poetic in a way that will just sort of…linger, burrowing inside you and letting you think of nothing else.

2. I’ve been dying to get my hands on some information – any information – about the sequel to In the Middle of Somewhere. Who would the book be about? What would the title be? WOULD WE SEE MORE REX OR DANIEL?!

Well, finally, the loooooong wait is now over and I can tell you all about that next book. So now the BIG reveal! Read More

Holiday Romance Review: Devin December by Kate McMurray

Devin_December_FinalDevin December by Kate McMurray

Published by: Dreamspinner Press

Format: eARC Novella

Genre: Holiday Romance

Order from: Amazon

Reviewed by: Erin

Featuring: The most convenient inconvenient snowstorm, a famous actor, the flight attendant trying to resist his charms, and the damn paparazzi.
Read More

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