Guys. I don’t say this enough: Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We started this blog only 6 months ago as a means of simultaneously venting about and relishing some truly exceptional books. Little did we know that anybody would actually read it. But you did, and still do, and for that we’re grateful. You guys are the bomb!

And now this: we’re up for a blogging award! I know, right? Woah! That’s so neat and totally unexpected. As two people who have never been nominated for anything, this is validation of the best sort. I mean, I kept hoping in high school that I’d at least get voted Best Hair or Most Likely To Succeed. “Someone will surely recognize the superiority of my silky soft locks,” I would say to myself. But it never, ever happened and now, only a few years later, we’re nominated for our quick wit and snarky words. In short, it’s amazing. We’ve come so far after only 6 months and it’s all thanks to you. Here’s to 6 more!

If anyone wants to nominate any of the other fab blogs out there or you know, nominate us over and over ad nauseum which is totally acceptable and not at all crazypants – ha! – here’s the link to the 2012 Bloggy Awards!

BTW: yep, that’s totally me giving

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you two thumbs up! And no, I don’t normally walk around with a helmet on my head.

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7 thoughts on “A big fat THANK YOU aka You love us, you really love us!

  1. I’m about to tell a story so tragic you might never recover. When I was in 4th grade I had an EPIC crush on my neighbor Mike. My bff Stacy even told me “when you’re older you two will be nominated for ‘cutest couple’!!” But then I experienced my first betrayal when, just a week later, Stacy started dating Mike! So obviously my “cutest couple” wishes were dashed against the cruel rock of reality.

    Lesson: I’ve also never been nominated for anything but know how it feels to come thisclose to it and have it snatched away. Let’s hope this works out better for us than my relationship with Mike (who last I heard had actually been kicked out of college for dealing drugs so maybe it’s a good thing our relationship never progressed beyond learning how to throw an awesome spiral.)

  2. Hi! 🙂 I just wanted to drop by and tell you your blog was nominated for BEST REVIEWS! If you can email us at bloggyawards (at) gmail (dot) com then I can forward over what you need to submit for the next round! 🙂 Thanks again!

    ~Eileen @ The Bloggy Awards

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