When we started this blog in January of 2012, it was with a very clear purpose in mind: review books and spread the word about all that bookish stuff we love. Easy, right? Yes! For the past year and a half we’ve been reading and reviewing Young Adult and New Adult fiction left and right. Indie Published, Mainstream Published, Fanfic, you name it! We’ve read it. Our only problem? When one of us took a break from the YA/NA and read something else. This wouldn’t seem like a problem for a lot of people, but for us, it is. You see, sometimes books from these other genres (romance, contemporary, what have you) are good. Sometimes bad. And sometimes we’ve come across something so startlingly gorgeous that all we wanted to do was shout it from the mountain tops! But we couldn’t cause it wasn’t YA or NA. The first book that I read that I was actually disappointed that I couldn’t review here was Priscilla Glenn’ Back to You. Luckily Priscilla added some YA flashback scenes and I convinced myself that that made it enough of a YA book to review it on here without anyone complaining.

Long story short, I just read an amazing book. Two amazing books actually. I want to tell you all about them…actually, no! I want to urge you in no uncertain terms to read them, love them, buy them in paperback cause they’re just so good…but I CAN’T! They’re not YA or NA and no amount of light fingered blogging will make them any less M/M Romance.

If you’re dying to know what books they are, here. Just remember, NOT YA:

So here’s where we need you: Ellen and I want to open our reviews up to ANY book we read regardless of

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genre. That might mean we read YA today and Romance tomorrow. How do you guys feel about it? Your honest opinion will help us out a lot!

As a thank you for taking the time (and cause I love to give you guys stuff) I’ll gift a randomly selected person who answers (and comments with a valid email address in the blog comments section of this post) an e-book of his/her choice of up to $5 on Amazon. ANY GENRE! Thanks, for answering!


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14 thoughts on “An open question for our readers: A BIG CHANGE TO THE BLOG?!

  1. You know I love your blog and your guys reviews are awesome! … So more reviews on more books…. Sounds excellent to me!! <3 Plus this means more books to gush and vent over =) (more book boyfriends too)

  2. I think there is no way you could go wrong opening this up to other genres! The more books the better!

  3. I think a great book is a great book regardless of genre so I say bring it on with whatever type of book you’d like!

  4. You should read/review what makes you happy! You can give reviews based on a YA readers’ perspective on any book, whether it’s YA, NA, Romance, Adult Contemporary, whatever! 🙂

  5. More books, any kind, maybe I’ll end up reading a book I normally wouldn’t have thought to put on my to-read list.

  6. You both must be fast readers to read so many books! I have a rule – I won’t finish a novel I don’t like, so it’s best if I don’t start the bad ones either! Bloggers like you make that easier. So keep up the good work – as long as the books are good, I’m open to almost any genre. Thanks!

  7. Since all your branding is very specific to YA, I’d stick to YA as a rule and just give yourself the option for specialty non-YA posts and just mark them as such. Come up with a name to tag them in your header/titles “non-YA special” or what have you (hopefully something much more creative/better) and go from there.

    You could also pick a specific day when non-YA is allowed. “Every Wednesday is Non-YA Only” or some such.

    My two cents. 🙂

    • Kelly – that’s totally part of the reason I was so hesitant to include other stuff! We started this as a YA specific blog, opened it up to NA since there’s a heavy teen influence, but are now thinking that maybe we shouldn’t have been so genre specific since Ellen and I both read a ton of other stuff. We actually have a separate blog called http://www.iloveromanticfiction.com which is specifically for romance but going between the blogs is a pain. I really like your idea of having a specific day dedicated to non-YA posts. It’s inventive and doesn’t require a lot of blog brand back tracking. Thanks!

      • Of course. Happy to help. As someone that has my own blog, tumblr, twitter, book, columns, etc., I well know the headache of branding. Changing a brand is not simple, and diluting it, by opening it too wide can really split your focus and your readership.

        But, more books are always good, and finding a way to get the stuff you’re naturally reading on your site is always a good way to maximize content.

        Regardless of what you decide, good luck! 🙂

  8. I say review what you wish! You can still be predominantly YA/NA and mark those reviews that aren’t. I trust your opinions, and having more to read is always the best answer!

  9. I review primarily romance but on occasion I read an awesome mystery and I want to review it. I imagine it would get boring if we tied ourselves so tightly to our initial idea. I wouldn’t want to resent my blog when I can’t review something I liked.

    I say do what you want.

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