binge-on-books-podcast-amy-joIt’s time for a little Author Chat with Binge on Books! Today, I am ecstatic to welcome Amy Jo Cousins to the site for our November Podcast/Interview where we talk new releases, upcoming secret projects, CASH(!), and Amy Jo’s Top Three Books of all time plus she reads an extremely sexy excerpt from one of her newest releases! So what are you waiting for? Pull up a chair, sit yourself down, and come listen in on Judith and Amy Jo…

Now if you don’t know Amy Jo Cousins, a) are you living under a rock?!; b) what have you been reading in place of her gorgeously crafted New Adult Bend or Break series?; c) here’s a short bio to bring you up to speed:

Amy Jo Cousins writes contemporary romance and erotica about smart people finding their own best kind of smexy. She lives in Chicago with her son, where she tweets too much, sometimes runs really far, and waits for the Cubs to win the World Series.

She’s a powerhouse of a writer recently releasing a story in the How We Began Charity Anthology and a Bend or Break novella entitled Real Worldshe has another story out soon in a holiday charity anthology and plans for many more in the coming year. She is funny, irreverent, and oh so interesting to talk to. So folks, I give you: a frank chat between me and Amy Jo Cousins!

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