Authors Interviewing Authors

Authors Interviewing Authors is a monthly series featuring your favorite authors interviewing their favorite authors!


August 2015: Santino Hassell interviews Jordan C Price

September 2015: Amy Jo Cousins interviews Heidi Cullinan

October 2015: Roan Parrish interviews KJ Charles

November 2015: Marieke Nijkamp interviews Dahlia Adler

December 2015: Megan Erickson interviews Riley Hart/Nyrae Dawn

January 2016: Kris Ripper interviews J.R. Gray

February 2016: J.C. Lillis interviews Julie Hutchings

March 2016: Avon Gale interviews Piper Vaughn

April 2016: Sam Schooler interviews Wes Kennedy

May 2016: Karissa Laurel interviews Mary Fan

June 2016: Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell interview each other

July 2016: Atom Yang interviews Karen Stivali

August 2016: SJD Peterson interviews Kade Boehme

September 2016: Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner interview each other

…more to come!

If you have any author pairings you would love to see happen, let us know and we’ll see if it can happen!

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