Bargain Book for the month: Feed by Mira Grant

Publisher: Orbit Books

Format: Paperback bargain

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Reviewer: Morgan

Welcome to Bargain Book Review, Halloween Edition! This month, I went looking at my local bargain book store for anything that was vaguely spooky or monster related. I got a double hitter with the first book in the Newsflesh Trilogy, Feed by Mira Grant as it’s about zombies and media! Ba-dum-tish!

For real, the book was chosen because of the zombie aspect and not so much the media. The concept is simple: in the process of curing cancer and the common cold, science accidentally created a super-virus that resulted in the zombie apocalypse. Sounds like the typical zombie story except that the story takes place twenty years after the Rising (as the event is called in the series) and how life continued after. The main characters, Georgia and Shaun Mason are zombie bloggers, meaning that they are among the foremost experts on zombies without a doctoral degree, that are hired to cover the presidential campaign of Senator Ryman that receives more zombie activity than is specifically normal.

As a fan of science-fiction based on science-fact, Feed hits my interest exactly. It’s fast paced and intriguing, ending on a note that just made me go back to the store and go looking for the next two books in the series. Georgia is the main point of view, delivering the story with facts and only the necessary emotions, like a good news reporter. She’s the straight-man to her brother’s daredevil antics, the both of them co-dependent in a way that is only socially acceptable in the era of the zombie apocalypse. Without giving away spoilers, I recommend that you have a box of kleenex for the last hundred and eighty or so pages, and a feel-good activity planned right after completing the novel. I rarely have intense emotions after the completion of a book but this one has joined the short-list.

To be noted, the politics that are written in the novel eerily reflect the current politics in the United States. While the book was published in 2010, the message of rising up and speaking the truth as the obligation of all media reporters hits close in 2017. If you would like to skip this book and series based on this major point based on personal exhaustion of the current news cycle, put this on your list of things to read when you feel up to it.

A twist on the zombie story, I give this story two thumbs up for sheer entertainment while delivering uneasy truths about the media’s role in the political landscape of America. You can find Feed and its sequels at a bargain book store near you (or online. Buy links up above!).

Morgan is a long time book lover who has taken some deals to feed the addiction. She currently  pens our monthly Bargain Book column, searching out all those fun bargain books you never knew you needed but definitely could afford.
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