Sara Beth’s top reads of the year

Dali by E.M. Hamill (August 2017)

Everything about Dali’s tale is fantastically memorable, from the characters to the plot to the world building. I laughed out loud and cried hard at some points. The genuine emotions this book inspired in me are something not easily forgotten, which is probably why I have gone back again and again to reread passages that even now manage to leave me a little breathless. This was the science fiction read i needed this year. Hands down, my number one favorite of 2017.  

Peter Darling by Austin Chant (February 2017)

I really can’t top the buddy review I tackled with Alex, so not to toot our horns, but if you want an in depth and pretty delightful look at our impressions of this book it is out there for you to reference. Briefly, when I think of Peter Darling I am still filled with warm fuzzy feelings. I remain filled with wonder and admiration  at the skillful  and fresh retelling of a pretty basic tale that I absolutely could not stand growing up. When I first decided to read this gem, I was pretty convinced it would be blah, mostly based on my own aversion to the orginal story. I am so glad I picked it up, though. So damn glad. It’s a charming read that will make you think deeply on all manner of things:  mermaid skin boots, the idea versus the reality of youth,  navigating identity, how things are and how we want them to be, and finally, the nature of love.  

The Hate You Give Angie Thomas (June 2017)

There is a lot to unpack with this book. Ultimately, The Hate You Give is an achingly real and brutally honest tale of one girl’s effort to reconcile her understanding of justice for her friend with the reality of how her culture itself is misunderstood, misportrayed, and mistreated. It’s as well written as it is timely, and it broke my heart. Using the intimacy of first person perspective, Thomas gives the reader a glimpse of two worlds colliding, and the fallout that impact creates, in big ways and small, every single day.  

Sara Beth loves to read, write about what she reads, and really, really loves to talk about what she’s reading. So, she looks forward to many hours of conversation with you all surrounding books, books, and more books. Connect via: Twitter: @sarathebeth

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