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Best Books 2013

Hello, folks. You know what? I’m a little bit sad these days because 2013 is slowly, inexorably coming to an end! Where did this year go, right?! Uhhh, how can it be December already? The only good thing about the end of the year is this: recapping all the amazing literature we’ve read over the last 12 months. We’ve read a lot and so have you and I think if we put two and two together, we’ll get a pretty exhaustive list of what we should be reading. Obviously though to do this, we need YOUR

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help to decide which books were the absolute

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best of the best, the creme de la creme of all the books you’ve plowed through. Below are three polls in the three main categories we review, YA, NA, and Romance. Take a few seconds to let us know what your fave in each category is. Help a fellow reader discover a fantastic read!

Top 3 winners in each category announced in two weeks and maybe a contest will be included…vote on!

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An open question for our readers: A BIG CHANGE TO THE BLOG?!

When we started this blog in January of 2012, it was with a very clear purpose in mind: review books and spread the word about all that bookish stuff we love. Easy, right? Yes! For the past year and a half we’ve been reading and reviewing Young Adult and New Adult fiction left and right. Indie Published, Mainstream Published, Fanfic, you name it! We’ve read it. Our only problem? When one of us took a break from the YA/NA and read something else. This wouldn’t seem like a problem for a lot of people, but for us, it is. You see, sometimes books from these other genres (romance, contemporary, what have you) are good. Sometimes bad. And sometimes we’ve come across something so startlingly gorgeous that all we wanted to do was shout it from the mountain tops! But we couldn’t cause it wasn’t YA or NA. The first book that I read that I was actually disappointed that I couldn’t review here was Priscilla Glenn’ Back to You. Luckily Priscilla added some YA flashback scenes and I convinced myself that that made it enough of a YA book to review it on here without anyone complaining.

Long story short, I just read an amazing book. Two amazing books actually. I want to tell you all about them…actually, no! I want to urge you in no uncertain terms to read them, love them, buy them in paperback cause they’re just so good…but I CAN’T! They’re not YA or NA and no amount of light fingered blogging will make them any less M/M Romance.

If you’re dying to know what books they are, here. Just remember, NOT YA:

So here’s where we need you: Ellen and I want to open our reviews up to ANY book we read regardless of

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genre. That might mean we read YA today and Romance tomorrow. How do you guys feel about it? Your honest opinion will help us out a lot!

As a thank you for taking the time (and cause I love to give you guys stuff) I’ll gift a randomly selected person who answers (and comments with a valid email address in the blog comments section of this post) an e-book of his/her choice of up to $5 on Amazon. ANY GENRE! Thanks, for answering!


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The Best YA Books of 2012: We Need YOUR Help!

Hey there! Since 2012 is slowly and inexorably drawing to a close, Ellen and I got together last week for our monthly Drinks + Dinner + YA Discussion. We started reminiscing about all the awesome reads we’d gotten our hands onto this year and book titles and authors were flying fast and furious. If you want to know how it went down, that conversation went a little like this:

Judith: “Dude, I read so many good books this year!”

Ellen: “Totally. Me too!”

Judith: “Like that one book with the girl who–“

Ellen: “YES! Or that paranormal one with the kid who wouldn’t–“

Judith: “Totally agree…you know, maybe we should compile them in an excel spreadsheet so that all those awesome readers out there have them in list form.”

Ellen: [sigh] “You know I hate compiling things. And Excel. Oh and spreadsheets.

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Can’t you just do that for me?”

Judith: “I could but I think I know a better way…”

The better way is this: YOU tell us your favorite book of 2012. Comment about it, email it, tweet it, facebook it. But tell us and I’m going to compile a huge list of 2012 bests so that we can all benefit from the book adoration. Then around December 27th, I’ll randomly pick a few books from the recommendations we get and give them away to a few people who threw their favorite out there (randomly using my trusty random contest picker of course). My idea of a few books and a few people is currently hovering around 3 but could go to 5 or more.

So please think long and hard about it and let us know your pick for the Best Books of 2012! There are so many to choose from and so

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many great authors to discover…be sure to throw your fave into the ring so more people can read it.

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Who do you love: Seth or Aiden? A Jennifer L Armentrout Release Week Poll!

Guys, Ellen and I are about as close as two besties can be. But give us the choice between fictional hotties and well, all bets are off! Now, we’ve had a running back and forth about which of the Covenant series’ (Half-Blood, Pure, and soon to be released Deity) hotties is better and we need you to help us settle this once and for all.

Who do you prefer: Seth or Aiden??? And why?

It’s the battle royale between these two hunks and we want to hear what you think!

I know that Jennifer L Armentrout was promoting a YA Crush Tourney recently showing off all her heroes (namely Daemon and Aiden) but we’re not that fancy. We just want you to tell us in the comments below who your favorite is and why. Then we’ll tally up the results and share them with you. (oh and we might have a small prize for the person with the best response).

Here’s Ellen thinking this at me: Ugh, Judith. You know I love you but this might be a total deal breaker. Seth over Aiden? No way. Seth is so smarmy and selfish and I just KNOW he’s bad news bears. Aiden is hot, an awesome (if overprotective) brother, a total killing machine, and you can just tell he loves Alex and worries about what could happen if they’re caught. Plus you know all that pent-up sexual tension is going to explode in some awesome way (hopefully without frying all nearby electronic equipment a la Daemon and Katy). Next time we’re together

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and you try to convince me that Seth beats out hottie hot hot Aiden this is what you’ll see:

Here’s me thinking this at her: What? What will I see? Your jazz hands don’t scare me! Let’s call a spade a spade: Aiden is such a goody goody! God! I’ve never met a person who plays by the stupid rules so much. Plus his chiseled features and dark hair are way too much for me. Seth is a snarky bad-boy. He’s blond, loves to flirt, has a healthy helping of confidence and exudes

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sex appeal. You know how I feel about blond boys…and we all know he’s up to no good! That’s what makes him so yummy. He’s badddddd. Hmmm…uh-oh, all this talk about the way too perfect Aiden has got my lip curling…in disgust!





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