Chasing McCree by J.C. Isabella

Publisher: Self-published

Format: Kindle Edition

Do you ever get a book and even though you know it’s going to be Ter-ri-ble with a capital T you still start reading it, hoping that it’s not and the craptastic cover keeps taunting you from the front and you hang your head in shame and YET YOU CAN’T STOP READING?! Well, that was the scenario I imagined when I first started reading this book. Requisite play on words book title? God awful cover with the superimposed lower half of a cowboy and a cheerleader? A tenuous overused plot about opposites attracting? It was like some horrible car crash just waiting to happen. And yet…it never did.  People, something must be wrong with me or very right with this author, because this book is GOOD! Way good. I read it in one sitting and even stayed up late to do so.  I feel like I should be ashamed and yet, somehow I’m not. It truly was a good book.


Chase McCree hates Florida. After his estranged mother begs him to give living with her a try, he moves there to appease her but misses the ranch he grew up on in rural Montana and can’t seem to fit in at the fancy prep school he’s forced to attend. After years of homeschooling and learning to run the family ranch, the suburban life seems boring and superficial and Chase is counting the days til he can return home.  A chance encounter with drunken cheerleader Briar Thompson is the only bright spot in the whole ordeal.  As the two begin to form a friendship, Chase knows the only thing he’ll miss will be her.  When Briar shows some interest in visiting his real home, Chase offers her a spur of the moment chance to see it in person.  She agrees and the two take a road trip out west.  When they arrive at the ranch, Chase thinks that Briar will hate the kind of life he leads but unexpectedly, she takes to it naturally, discovering a love of the land and a more simple life.  All seems to be going well until a saboteur arrives on the scene and Briar’s parents decide she needs to return home, leaving Montana behind for good. Will true love pass the test of parents and society or will Chase and Briar give in and let other people rule their lives forever?


You guys should know me by now: if a book is bad, I will tell you all about it.  And like I mentioned earlier, all the signs pointed to this being a baaaad book. But really, it’s not; this was a surprisingly good read.  The main characters were deep and thoughtful with background stories that weren’t overly stereotyped. Usually a boy-girl from different worlds scenario can be pretty heavy handed. There were some instances where the rich prep school kids seemed a bit over the top in their snobbiness and the stetson and Levi’s wearing was a little too much, but overall the fact that they were from different circles seemed highly plausible.  Briar seemed like a character who genuinely was ready for a change. Would a normal 17 year old girl from a rich suburban life really be able to leave it all for an extremely rural ranch in Montana? Ehh, probably not with the ease that Briar did it but nothing about her transition from socialite to cowgirl seemed forced. Plus her character was likeable and sweet and a very good foil for the slow, steady hunk Chase. He’s your basic cowboy but surprisingly mature for his young age.  Add to that some genuine hunkiness, manners, and good morals and you have the perfect hero. He seems larger than life, yes, but when a girl just wants to escape and dream about some beefcake who holds open the door, loves her without make-up, and only has her good interests at heart, well, Chase can come parade through my fantasies cause boyfriend is perfect! The fact that he’s a billionaire only added to his swoonworthy appeal! Seriously, why aren’t there cowboys like him out there in the real world, rescuing girls on a horse in the suburbs? I mean, really, is this too much to ask here? Sigh. Now, as I wax poetic about this book I should point out that while Chase was perfect, the writing was not. For some reason though it wasn’t a turn off. There were a bunch of typos and/or grammar errors but for some reason, they didn’t stick with me like they would normally.  I would get to one and just think, “huh, well, this is just a fun read so…who cares about the incorrect use of their or there? I mean, it doesn’t change the fact that this is good stuff.” And it was, good stuff that is.  It was really fast paced with believable dialogue and some fun situations that make a city-slicker like me swoon.

So based on the following criteria:

How much did I like the heroine: 10. I love Briar! A cheerleader who ditches her snotty friends and rich boyfriend for the chance at real love with a hot cowboy who has manners? Right choice, girl! You made absolutely the right choice.

How much did I like the love interest: 10. Drool! Chase is perfect. No really, perfect and it wasn’t annoying at all: he has survival skills, is gorgeous, tanned, ethical, sweet, thoughtful, stoic, rich…this list could go on and on and on and I still wouldn’t be done with how fabulous Chase is. Why, God, why?! Why don’t men like him really exist? Wahhhh!

How believable is the plot:  8. Okay, okay, the plot was a bit far fetched because no rich girl would ever gladly give up the life she’s known for 17 years for nowheresville but who cares! Can I talk about Chase some more?

How much did I like the writing style/editing/etc: 8. It’s fast, fun, and well written. The dialogue is spot on and you really felt like you were living out this sort of implausible plot.  It was so well written that I didn’t put it down from the moment I started reading. Now that’s saying a lot.

How much did I want to keep reading: 10. I wanted more Chase but it’s very obvious at the end what happens since everything was spelled out for us. But still…can Chase’s twin brother from another mother show up one of these days to sweep me off my feet?

Final Score: 9/10. I loved it, you’ll love it, and all I can say is: buy it! It’s only 99 cents! Get it on your kindle now!

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  1. OMG. So I know we spoke about how I also bought this book (because I’ll by anything free) but I haven’t started it yet and I had NO IDEA the dude’s name is Chase. I knew the McCree part but really? It’s a good thing you said it was so excellent because that sort of title/name thing (what is it? a pun?) might have proved to be too much.

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