Hi all! We’re excited to be one of the first stops on Jennifer L Armentrout’s Deity Blog tour. As we all gear up for Deity’s release on November 6th, let’s take a moment to reread Ellen’s fabulous review of Deity which Jennifer herself called the perfect balance of spoiler and review! It won’t give a lot away but it will make you salivate even more for Covenant book #3. You can read it here.

On to the fun stuff! Giveaways, an interview, and…more?


For our stop on the tour, Aiden and Seth have graced us with their oh-so-sexy presences for a brief interview…of each other! You got that right! These two are gonna banter about Alex and their motivations (and it’s so much funnier if you envision Ellen as Aiden and Judith as Seth cause that’s how we roll ’round here). So let’s get to it:

Seth: Hello. It’s Seth here. You know, the beautiful glorious Appollyon who loves each and every one of you…especially you over there, the blonde with the big–heart. Let’s get on to this interview where you learn all about what makes me so special and handsome. Oh and obviously the perfect match for Alex.

Hey! I’m here too. Aiden, Sentinel and would be suitor for Alex’s hand even though she’s a half-blood and I’m a Hematoi.

Seth, mumbling:
Oh right, I forgot about the Sentinel.

How could you forget about me? We’re interviewing each other.

Seth: Semantics.

Aiden: You’re going to make this difficult aren’t you?

Seth: Yes.

Aiden, sighing: Let’s just get to the questions so that way I have to spend as little time as possible with you.

Seth: My thoughts exactly. I’ll go first. Why do you keep toying with Alex’s affections even though she should care about me since she is quite literally my missing piece?

I’m not toying with her! I love her. Our world makes it impossible for us to be together and I’m doing my best here, helping her train, protecting her, making her be the best that she can. I even sacrificed myself and my integrity so she wouldn’t die. I do love her!

Seth: Oh, aren’t you just the most perfect werfect little Sentinel [gag].

Aiden: Well then, why don’t to tell me why you think you’d be better for Alex?

You mean other than the little fact that the gods have decreed we’re meant to be together? You still need more than that? How about the fact that Alex and I have far more similar personalities than the two of you. I don’t pretend to be some perfect Sentinel who won’t be with her in public, I’d be proud to announce our relationship to the world.

Aiden: I do NOT pretend to be perfect nor am I ashamed of her. I’m trying to keep her safe. Which is something you cannot claim! Which leads me to my next question — while I love Alex I realize that she tends to make impulsive, dangerous decisions…often with your backing. Why can’t you push her to stay safe and curb her impulses?

Seth: First off, Alex is a grown woman who can make her own choices. Second, we’re not just talking about a normal girl, or even a normal half-blood, this is a future Appollyon who will soon have the power

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to make everyone around her cower in her presence.

Aiden: Everyone?

Seth: Everyone but me, obviously. I cower to no one, no matter how hot or powerful she might be. But back to your question – Alex will soon be one of the two most powerful beings on Earth, who are you to tell her what she should or shouldn’t be doing?

Aiden: I’m the man who loves her! Grr, you are so obtuse and frustrating.

Seth: Be careful what you say to me, St. Delphi. You will not always have this freedom to ask such questions.

Aiden: [eye roll]

Seth: There’s only time for one final question and of course as the superior one in this room it’s my right to ask. So I must know, what in the world were you thinking when you made the, what was you called it in your last question to me? Oh, “impulsive and dangerous” decision to save Alex by compelling two of your fellow pures? I’m surprised you didn’t follow your own advice and think things out a little more.

I’m surprised you even have to ask. Love was, of course, the reason I chose to act the way I did. Was compelling two pures an optimal decision? No. But I’d make the same choice again if I had to. I will do whatever is necessary in order to protect the woman I love…even if that means protecting her from her own actions.

Seth: Oh gods. Not the whole “protecting her from herself” line. You really have got it bad, Sentinel.

Aiden: And you don’t? Well, for her *and* half the student population…

Seth: What does that mean?

Aiden: Exactly what it sounds like. You’re only going to break Alex’s heart after you use her then lose her.

Seth: Why don’t we take

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this outside where we can settle this Appollyon and Sentinel?

Aiden: Fine by me, if you think you can handle taking on a real man.

Seth: Oh I can handle it all right…it’s you I’m worried about. Haven’t you–

Alex: OMG would you two idiots just shut up! You’re both amazing, both incredibly attractive, both fantastic fighters…if you would just let a girl think and stop jibber jabbering all the time, maybe then I could finally choose one of you and be done with this whole “who will she pick” nonsense. GEEZ! [stomping off]

Seth, looking sheepish: Still want to fight?

Aiden: Bring it on, Appollyon!


While those two are duking it out for Alex’s undying devotion, check out all the awesome contests you can enter to win some fun Deity stuff:

Here’s an exciting swag giveaway for all you US residents:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here’s the same exciting swag giveaway for all you international residents:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And the most exciting giveaway of all: a huge mystery gift pack from Spencer Hill Press itself! No clue what it is! Enter and win to see but words like Grand Prize must mean something good, right? (Psst, may be an Amazon gift card, Copy of Deity, t-shirt, and swag will come your way. Just saying!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Stuck In Books will be hosting a twitter party to celebrate the release of Deity! Interested in attending or retweeting it to enter to win a swag pack, here is the link.

If all that wasn’t enough, feel free to chime in on our ongoing Seth vs Aiden poll! Who do you love most and why? Give us your opinion as to who is sexier Seth or Aiden here.


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19 thoughts on “Deity Blog Tour Stop #1: Review, Interview, and tons of giveaways!

  1. I love that your suggestion is to be funny or weird, I have yet to see that in a “Leave a Blog Post Comment” description.

    All I really have to see I loved this interview. Aiden and Seth are two of my favorite male characters in a book series, no questions asked.

    Also, thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I love these two! Great interview and congratulations on being able to have them in a room together without any violence!! lol

  3. I loved the interview! Seth is annoyingly hilarious and Aiden’s reactions to him are funny 😀
    And Alex’s comment at the end – hahahah XD
    I literally can’t wait to read Deity now.. Only one more week!

  4. I love her books. she is such an amazing author. My friend has the first books in this series. 🙂 I love all the covers they are so pretty!! 😀 and the guys… whew.. the guys.

  5. You guys were perfect as Aiden & Seth!
    I’m totally Team Seth here, I would be his missing puzzle piece any day. ;] Lol

    I’m meeting JLA next Thursday in RI & I’m so freaking excited. I’ve been fangirling since I heard she was coming!

    Thanks for the giveaway and the awesome interview! :]

  6. SETH! I WANT SETH <3 I actually love Seth. SETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you guessed? Is it hard to tell that I love Seth?

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  8. I can hardly bear waiting until Deity is out!!! I would make up a joke about Seth and Aiden, but all my creativity is used up by now.

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