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Hello all you lucky Sutphin Boulevard lovers: I have the BEST stop on Santino Hassell’s blog tour because I get to share an exclusive scene from the book. Only this scene? It was deleted cause it was too sexy. I’m serious. From Santino’s mouth to your ears, there was too much sex and this scene was the casualty. Good thing I convinced him to share it with the world cause HOLY–

…well, you be the judge?

(and just as a precaution, this is totally an 18+ scene so, you’ve been warned!)

Deleted Scene from Sutphin Boulevard

The station at 50th was deserted when we got off the train. As soon as it took off, rushing by and causing my hair to fly about wildly, Nunzio dropped his backpack and shoved me against one of the columns lining the platform. My heart caught in my throat.

His tongue slid between my parted lips, caressing my own, and I dug my hands in the folds of his leather jacket to regain a measure of control.

Everything about him drove me crazy—how good he smelled, how strong he was, the menthol and vodka taste of him, and the way he immobilized me so casually with one arm pinned alongside the column above my head and the other cupping the side of my face.

He knew what he was doing, and he knew what he wanted, and I was just along for the ride.

I peered at him, but all I saw were lashes and delicate eyelids as Nunzio coaxed a response out of me with his hot velvet tongue. He made a sound deep in his throat, a soft hum of pleasure that cut through my scattered thoughts.

I returned his kiss, wanting to make him as breathless and frantic as I was, and released his jacket. I yanked him closer and attacked his mouth.

Nunzio rocked against me, but the layers of denim made the friction less intense. He hissed in frustration and began aggressively pawing at my belt and fly before yanking down his own.

“Wait,” I muttered when my jeans loosened and sagged.

He shushed me with his lips, and I heard his zipper slide down. “I just wanna touch it.”

My heartbeat spiked again. I wasn’t nearly drunk enough to get through this. I was too conscious that this was Nunzio playing me like a goddamned symphony and making my dick ache. This was Nunzio turning me into a wreck in an empty subway station in the middle of the night.

I started to say something, but the words dissolved into a hoarse gasp when he stroked both our dicks with slow, measured tugs. I arched my hips into his touch, using the column for leverage.

My concern about our state of undress, and the faint sound of voices on the other side of the platform, faded. Every thought focused on his fingers sliding along the veiny slickness of my dick and the smirk on his face when I humped him faster.

He sucked my tongue into his mouth again, nursing at it, and then nipped at my lower lip. My fingers tightened in his hair, a death grip that kept his face against mine. I didn’t let him pull away this time, didn’t want to see his knowing smile and hooded eyes. I wanted to taste him without thinking, feel him without seeing, and enjoy the sensation of my body turning inside out because of my best friend’s talented fingers.

I lost track of time and the movements of his hand grew more erratic. His breath came out in harsh bursts mingled with faint groans. I knew he was getting close, and all of a sudden I wanted to taste it when he came. I wanted him to shoot his load down my throat. Just the idea sent me into a tailspin that ended with me spurting all over him. I was too far gone to care about the potential mess of our clothing.

I didn’t try to muffle my ragged moans, and didn’t give a damn about anyone who might see when I reversed our positions and sank to my haunches.

Nunzio stared down with blown pupils. No pithy comments, no smirks, and when I grabbed the base of his dick and pumped it, his legs trembled. It spread to his whole body as I ran the flat of my tongue along his thick cock. I licked up the sticky mix of my own semen and his precome.

“Jesus Michael.”

I hummed as I tongued his slit and pressed the fat head of his cock into my open mouth. The sound that tore out of Nunzio echoed in the entire damned tunnel, but that didn’t stop him. It never would. He was so close I could feel his dick straining between my lips.

I reached up to grab them but my hand ended up against his ass. I squeezed one tight globe and then curled my fingers inward to press into the cleft. I caressed the bundle of nerves around his hole, and, with his hands gripping my hair, he peaked.

My nose pressed into the dark curls at the base of his dick as I swallowed every drop. I inhaled again, deep, and wished I could have drawn it out more.

“Shit,” he muttered when he slid his dick from between my lips. “Goddamn, you can suck.”

I stood, jerking my jeans up and fixing the fly. I was all business while he stared at me wild-eyed and shattered. I couldn’t fight the grin that stole over my face.

“Train coming.”

Nunzio wrenched himself out of his daze and fumbled with his clothes. “Yeah, okay.” He zipped up around his still-swollen dick and winced a little. He cleared his throat and looked down at the damp spots on his shirt before zipping his jacket to cover them.

“You good?”

Nunzio nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, of course.”

“Aiight, then. Let’s go.”

I started to move away from the wide column that had shielded us, but just as I moved, he jerked me back. “Wait a sec,” he muttered, and leaned in to press his mouth to mine once more. He licked in slowly, deliberately, and then traced my swollen lips with his tongue before pulling away. I stared at him, breath catching again.

Somehow, that stray from the script threw me completely for a loop. We’d gotten off already—his mouth on mine was an unnecessary bonus.


“Just cleaning you up, Mikey.”

So….tell me all your thoughts. Cause I’m sure you have many (if only a “woah! HOT”)

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Santino is a dedicated gamer, a former fanfic writer, an ASoIaF mega nerd, a Grindr enthusiast, but most of all he is a writer of queer fiction that is heavily influenced by the gritty, urban landscape of New York City, his belief that human relationships are complex and flawed, and his own life experiences.



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  2. Wow, what a scene… I’ve been busy for the last week, but now, finally, I can start the book – I can’t wait! 🙂

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