So Aussie writer, Sarah Billington, wrote a kick butt book called the The Kiss Off which I loved! I mean, girl musicians angrily vindicating themselves against stupid boys who break their hearts are the best kinds of books in my opinion.  When the book was finished and the review written, I started thinking, “This isn’t over. Right?” I asked Sarah what was going on with a sequel and all I got was a maybe.  So I begged and pleaded, pleaded and begged, “Sarah,” I needled. “When are you going to write that sequel to The Kiss Off? I mean, I’m dying over here! I need more. More More MORE!” And finally, all that nagging and begging paid off! The sequel is coming out soon (how soon are we talking, Sarah?!) And since Sarah obviously wants to keep me happy, she’s got an excerpt from it to share! Yippee!!!

Here it is! Sarah Billington’s The Kiss Off Book 2 excerpt, an I Love YA Fiction exclusive:  

CONTEXT: Poppy is swimming at the beach before the festival starts for the day with her cousin Hamish, new friend Astrid and Academy of Lies music label-mates, the guys from the band, The Himbos. Vanya couldn’t come on the trip, so Poppy (having patched things up with Nikki) surprised Mads by inviting Nikki on the trip in an attempt to force the girls to be friends.

“Ola Muchachos!” I lifted my head out of the water and found both Nikki and Mads wading toward us. Yes! What were they doing here together? Were they friends all of a sudden? I hoped they were friends.

They both smiled extra brightly at Hamish and snuck each other covert, super-suspicious glances. Couldn’t at least one of them drool over one of the shirtless rock stars, instead? Chicks love boys in bands. I know this for a fact.

“You found us,” I said happily.

“You want to know how?” Nikki asked, glancing back at the beach.

I paused. “Do I?”

“There’s a little group of girls sunbathing and talking about,” Nikki took an exaggerated deep breath and started talking in one long, run-on sentence, “how THE Poppy Douglas is out in the water and she didn’t even get mad or anything and she and Ty are SO cute together I hope they never break up ever ever and where do you think she got her bikini from probably a brand just gave it to her because she’s famous and that’s what they do and it’s so cute and looks so good on her don’t you think yeah I think I think so too so cute.”

Everyone was laughing, and peering toward the shore. I puffed up my chest and looked around the group with a smarmy smile.

“Go on then, show us this new, designer bikini,” Mads said. “Where’d you get it from?”

“Target,” I said and they all laughed some more. It was pretty cute. It was my favorite bikini so of course I’d brought it. I’d bought it two summers ago when rainbow stripes were all the rage (at least to me they were) and not only that, there were silver stars speckles all over it.

I opened my arms wide to give everyone a good look, and, with my back to the ocean, I had no idea that the biggest wave of the day was coming for me.

Kind of ruined the moment a bit. It crashed two or three feet above my head and I rolled uncontrollably under the water for a few seconds; I know I was upside down at one point because my feet found air. Finally I came up again, rubbing my eyes and blowing water out of my burning nose. A piece of seaweed stuck to my shoulder and I hurled it away, accidently right toward an oncoming body boarder. He stared at me, wide-eyed, as he sailed past.

Yes, I’d thrown seaweed at him but that reaction seemed a little extreme.

There were a couple of gasps and someone cleared their throat. I turned around to face my friends again and Hamish covered his eyes.

“Poppy!” Mads squealed.

Gordo quickly turned away and gave the guy next to him a shove to the shoulder. Gave him a shove to stop him from staring at my chest.

I glanced down at my rainbow bikini top and… oh my God…

It. Was. Gone.

My eyes practically bugged from my head and my shoulders clenched and I slapped my arms across my torso. Gone, it was gone, that freaking wave had stolen my bikini!

Sarah Billington is an Australian writer and editor who likes to write stories with love, laughs, suspense and zombies. Sometimes all in the same story. Her favouritest thing to write about are those horrendously awkward moments that come with being a teenager. Or a human being. Sarah was extremely accident-prone and klutzy as a kid and teen, so her cup runneth over with experiences of horrendously awkward moments to draw from in her writing. Thankfully, she has grown out of her klutziness. Mostly. She is, however, still an embarrassment.She loves a variety of random things, which include Swing Dancing, Ice Hockey, Roller Derby and is a bit obsessive about paranormal investigation shows and channel E!.

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