Hey guys! Know what that gaudy cake right there means? You guessed it! It’s Ellen’s birthday! Now, we take birthdays very seriously around I Love YA Fiction. Every year, Ellen and her mom call me and sing (only very slightly out of key) the birthday song for me no matter where they are.  My absolutely favorite location for them to call from? Hungover in a cab cruising through Manhattan the day after Easter. I can’t make this stuff up, people.

To celebrate Ellen turning 29 this Wednesday, I’m giving her–er, one lucky reader–a fabulous bookish gift! Comment on our Facebook Page with the title of a book you want AND a hearty Happy Birthday to Ellen and Wednesday night I’ll pick three lucky winners to receive his/her book (in ebook form) but will also gift said book on to Ellen as this year’s bday gift! It’s that simple.  Please be aware, she hates anything having to do with angels or bad grammar.  You have been warned.

Comment here to enter: https://www.facebook.com/pages/I-Love-YA-Fiction/223407614411654

Or if you’d like something more fancy, click on either of these pics of Ellen to be redirected to her namesake birthday contest.

 Open to 18 years or older. Ebook version only. Contest ends Wednesday, Sept 19, at 10 pm.

Happy Birthday, E!

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