On your birthday, does the internal monologue run a little something like this?

“I am fierce! FIERCE! You bought that cake for me, right?! Of course you did! It’s my day. I can eat the whole thing if I want to. Yum-my! Costco makes a mean sheet cake and it is all mine…no, you can’t have any. Get your grubby stubs off my cake! Whew, close one. That kid almost got a bite of my cake but I showed her…ooh presents! For me??? Aw, man, that kid is back and eyeing my cake. Hands off!”

Thanks, Theresa, for the cake! Drool!

Well this year I’m forgoing the cake and presents (but not really, only in the blogging sense since I am dying to get my paws on that vanilla frostinged white cake from Costco). I also have a whole other boatload of AWESOME to deal with. Five of my favorite authors (5!) have donated their books to me to give to you for my birthday. That’s right! It’s a blog-birthday-giveaway-extravaganza just for you!

You’re probably thinking: What the heck is that, Judith?

Here’s the deal: 5 of my favorite authors want to give you books for my birthday. Lots and lots of books. So over the next five days I’m going to roll out a new giveaway eaily which will feature a different author. Each author’s contest will run for 5 days and then we’ll announce a winner.  I don’t want to give away all the fun now but I will hint that each of the authors has a top rated book reviewed on our site and at least two of them are offering up signed copies of unpublished works! So exciting! These ladies really are amazing! I’m truly blessed to have such fabulous and generous people surrounding me.

So for now, it’s a hearty Happy Birthday to me and you from I Love YA Fiction! Be sure to check back daily from 3/20 – 3/24 for 5 chances to win five fabulous sets of books!

Thanks to one of the authors in our giveaway for this pic! Eww and yum?

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