Hey, You! It’s time for book club #2! The lovely Cathy Zaragoza recommended this one and we are so lucky since it is garnering a lot of interest and accolades.

The Rules:

We suggest a book (or you suggest it to me and I use that suggestion). You tell me in the comments if you’re reading it too. Then, we all have 3 weeks to read with a review and chat about it coming out the same day.

The Book:

Every Day by David Levithan

A has no friends. No parents. No family. No possessions. No home, even. Because every day, A wakes up in the body of a different person. Every morning, a different bed. A different room. A different house. A different life. A is able to access each person’s memory, enough to be able to get through the day without parents, friends, and teachers realizing this is not their child, not their friend, not their student. Because it isn’t. It’s A. Inhabiting each person’s body. Seeing the world through their eyes. Thinking with their brain. Speaking with their voice.

It’s a lonely existence–until, one day, it isn’t. A meets a girl named

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Rhiannon. And, in an instant, A falls for her, after a perfect day together. But when night falls, it’s over. Because A can never be the same person twice. But yet, A can’t stop thinking about her. She becomes A’s reason for existing. So each day, in different bodies–of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, walks of life–A tries to get back to her. And convince her of their love. But can their love transcend such an obstacle?

The Time Frame to Read:

Now – Dec 6th

Review and Discussion:

Dec 7th 9 pm EST #yabookclub

Let’s read this thing!

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