In case you hadn’t noticed, I Love YA Fiction is looking a little…different? Unusual? Completely not the same at all? Whatever word(s) you choose, it’s true! There’s been a complete site overhaul and now you’re looking at the new, improved, gloriously, more aptly named: BINGE ON BOOKS!

*throws confetti* *shouts* *plasters a big smile on and opens arms wide to all the guests* Welcome to the new site! We’re still just as cool and fun as before but now we can more comfortably talk about the books and book news that you enjoy. It’s a win for everyone! And you know what I have to do whenever there’s big news on the site…

binge-on-books-twitter giveaway

That’s right: to celebrate this change I’m going to give you what you love. That is, books. Lots of books. Lots of signed paperback books! So without further ado, here’s the breakdown of the books I’m giving away! There are three prize packs you can win. Enter one or all of them. The sky’s the limit.

YA Prize Pack:

  • Signed paperback ARC of David Levithan’s Two Boys Kissing
  • Signed paperback of JC Lillis’ How to Repair a Mechanical HeartPicMonkey Collage - JC DL final

MM Romance Prize Pack:

  • Signed paperback of Jordan Castillo Price’s Meatworks
  • Paperback of Roan Parrish’s In the Middle of Somewhere
  • Paperback of Alexis Hall’s For Real

PicMonkey Collage AJH RP JCP

NA Prize Pack:

  • Signed paperback of Tammara Webber’s Easy
  • Signed paperback ARC of Abbi Glines’ Until Friday Night

Final TW and AG

Entering is easy! Just enter the rafflecopter below and throw in your hat to receive any of these awesome books! Open internationally!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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36 thoughts on “I Love YA Fiction is now Binge on Books plus a HUGE Book Giveaway!

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  2. Oh, I’m torn on which book I most want. I want desperately to read Meatworks, but I’d LOVE to own a physical copy of For Real (even though I’ve already read it.)

  3. Err, so many I want. Um, probably How To Repair A Mechanical Heart is the one I want most, but i’d be pretty darn pleased with any of them. 😀

  4. Yay, giveaway! I’d be happy to win any of those books, but maybe In the Middle of Somewhere or Two Boys Kissing.

  5. I really would like to win the MM prize! Especially “In the middle of somewhere”.

  6. I’m really torn between David Levithan’s Two Boys Kissing and Roan Parrish’s In the Middle of Somewhere…

  7. Oh man all of these books are so good, but Meatworks is the only one I haven’t read, so I think that must be the one I’d most want to win.

  8. Congrats on new name and look!
    I would love to win Easy and Until Friday Night 🙂
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  9. I love How to repair a mechanical heart!! I also have been looking forward to read Two boys kissing. Hopefully i will win, haha

  10. Wow, I would love Abbi’s Until Friday Night or Tammara’s Easy. Thank you so much for this wonderful chance <3

  11. I would love to win the YA prize pack! I love David Levithan’s books, so I’m sure this one’ll be as good as the rest of them! Thanks for the great giveaway 😀

  12. I wanna win the NA prize pack or the MM prize pack because i love those genres and those books make me happy!! i love the authors.

  13. I would like very much to win For Real by Alexis Hall. There are not enough e words to describe how much I love this book.

  14. I’ve read how to repair a mechanical heart before, but not sure if I’ve read Two boys Kissing. However, I think I would either want M/M set, or NA set so I could have all brand new books to read, and they all have interesting covers!

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