So we haven’t really mentioned it on the blog (I think) but if you follow us on Twitter you’ve probably noticed that Judith and I were lucky enough to attend one day of Book Expo America (BEA). And let me tell you – that one day was beyond overwhelming. To anyone who has gone and attended multiple days — either you’re my hero or you’re completely insane, I’m not sure which. All I know is after about 6 hours I had more blisters than when I ran a marathon, gained potentially permanent knots in my shoulders, picked up a ton of books, and had an amazing time (BEA Lesson #1 – no matter how comfy your shoes seem, after the entire day walking/standing/running around you MUST bring flip flops). Honestly: this is me begging Judith to head to the bar:

But look at all the books we got:

I have to say the majority of books we picked up were from unknown authors (or at least unknown to me) but there are a few I’m seriously excited about. Not only did we get the expected advance copy of “Cursed” by JL Armentrout, but we also unexpectedly got ARCs of book #3 in her Covenant series (which is on my list to review), “Deity”. (Funny story: Judith arrived before I did and got her number to pick up “Cursed”. When I arrived she towed my ass over to the booth and said “tell them you signed up for a copy of ‘Cursed’ and need a ticket.” I’m so seriously hung over [BEA Lesson #2 — Don’t go hung over. Trust me.] that I just walk up and basically mumble this at someone. Well they were so excited when they saw my “Reviewer” badge they not only gave me my ticket but then just handed me a copy of “Deity” for NO reason and introduced me to the author. To say Judith was beyond jealous is an understatement, she kept telling people about it all day. But then during the signing Jennifer’s people gave Judith a copy…even though I told them not to so I could lord it over her.)

I’m also super excited to read “Origin” by Jessica Khoury…mostly because the cover is so cool. Unfortunately the majority of books from known authors had super long lines and we just didn’t have that sort of time…or patience. We did get a lot of interesting looking books, some really trashy adult novels, and even some awesome mementos (check out the world’s most amazing book mark!).

But the absolute best part of the day was the chance to meet JL Armentrout, FINALLY get to hang out with Jillian Dodd, and make Rebecca from Cruchings and Munchings our new bff. We also made an unexpected new friend thanks to Jillian who has absolutely nothing to do with YA books or blogs but who was so much fun…why can’t we all live in the same city so we can hang out every night? Oh, I know, because my liver would never survive.

Needless to say we plan to read and review as many of these books as possible along with all the books we’ve already got in or queue…eek! So much work! I can’t wait.

In case anyone cares here are some additional photos:



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7 thoughts on “Judith and Ellen do BEA!!!

  1. Don’t forget the obscenely erotic table where the publicist jumped on us with the least amount of provocation (glancing in his direction) and then proceeded to push books, review materials, and publication flyers into our hands before pulling us to a poster of their latest novel, “Spanked” a collection of spanking erotica. The cover was a picture of a leopard clad rosy red bottom. No joke.

    • There were SO many moments on Wednesday when all I could think was “this can’t be real”. But that guy was beyond excited to talk about his erotica, it was amusing and almost admirable while still being creepy.

      Btw, my feet still haven’t recovered. Next year I’m wearing flip flops…if you can convince me to go again.

  2. Also I can’t remember if we ever fully discussed the fact that there were:

    A. muscular dudes with no shirts wearing white feathered wings, and
    B. svelte ladies wearing black catsuits . . . and feathered wings.

    Was there some sort of angel-off that wasn’t announced publicly? A wingéd duel the winners of which received every single angel-themed book at BEA?

    • I don’t know if it was the hangover but I SWEAR I missed the shirtless dudes with the wings. And Judith and I walked all over the place looking for them…um, for research’s sake of course!

      I saw women in all white walk in at one point but I think the delirium was setting in. So the only really odd thing was the couple in medieval garb. I’ve decided they were just normal people and not paid to be there because that makes it so much more exciting. Especially after my friends who have only been to comic conventions were like “what do you mean you went in business casual clothes? No! Costume!!”

      But really — ANGELS?! I’m telling you, they’re after me. But I love them! And think they’re awesome! And can have awesome sexy times!

  3. Seriously guys, I think the Angels are making it so wordpress won’t let me insert pictures properly. Geez, Ellen. Your anti-Angel aura is extending to me now.

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