Hi guys! Writing to you after an eventful weekend at the mountains. Look, there I am! Don’t I seem so sporty and not at all out of place at the ski lodge? That’s the first time that’s ever happened. Well I don’t know about you but this past week screamed past at a breakneck speed. (My brief foray into snowboarding could account for a lot of it though and I am referring to the breakneck and speed portions of that statement. Seriously, will my tender posterior ever feel the same?) In YA news, we reviewed three books, proclaimed one lucky reader the winner of our That Wedding giveaway, gave you a glimpse into our current reading queue, and participated in a super fun cover reveal. So let’s get on with it shall we?


Wanderlove by Belle Malory: A gypsy girl named Lola runs away from her tribe in order to live her own life without kowtowing to her father’s demands but ends up falling for Gabe a dreamy older man who just happens to be her soulmate many times over. Ellen gives it 7/10 while sadly I couldn’t finish it.

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire: Bogged down by a sordid past, Abby tries to reinvent a new life for heself at college but ends up falling into what may or may not be classified as an abusive relationship with tattooed hottie Travis. I give it 2/10 and that was generous.

That Wedding by Jillian Dodd: JJ and Philip of That Boy attempt to plan the perfect wedding while dodging interfering parents, friends, and pastors to delightful results. Ellen gives it 10/10 because it is, as she claims, “awesome-sauce”.


Congrats to Maria Monteiro, the lucky lucky winner of our That Wedding giveaway. Maria won a free copy of Jillian Dodd’s That Wedding which got

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a 10/10 for being not only good but ridiculously good.

Cover Reveal:

Entangled authoress, Lisa Burstein, is coming out with what looks like it will be a hilarious take on the prom gone wrong. On May 15th, Pretty Amy will be making its debut and you can be sure that I Love YA Fiction will be there with a review. Now get a load of that cover!

Reading List:

1. Running Wide Open by Lisa Nowak: okay, I just started this and have to say, I’m hooked! Her writing style is refreshing and new. Bonus points for a male protagonist and not a girl in site to turn him into a sniveling mess.

2. If I Can’t Have You by Lauren Hammond: I know, I know. This story is supposed to be lovey-dovey and all about the sexy times. Then there’s that over the top cover which will probably make my fragile eyes bleed all over again…but I couldn’t help myself. I have issues, deep seated ones.

3. Paper Towns by John Green: no idea what this is about but loved Looking for Alaska so figured that it deserved a shot.

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