Hello! And welcome to Binge on Books! Today I’m giddy because I have THE BEST post for you: one that features a new book by Ginn Hale! Yessssssss. That’s right. Today marks the release of Maze-Born Trouble, Ginn Hale’s latest, featuring a sci-fi gumshoe, a dead girl, and a black hole? What? Yes. She’s here to tell us all about Maze-Born Trouble in audio with an excerpt of her reading from the book itself and a candid reader-inspired Q&A.

But first! Let’s learn all about this hot new release…

Maze-Born Trouble by Ginn Hale

maze-born-troubleA dead girl, a cop he can’t forget, and a price on his head.

All on a space station at the edge of a black hole.

Just another day’s work for P.I. Lake Harmaa.

P.I. Lake Harmaa escaped the darkness and intense gravity of Sisu Space Station’s Maze Sector by turning traitor and spying for the Feds during the war.

He has no intention of risking his neck by going back down into those depths, where there’s a price on his head and more than a few souls who wouldn’t mind him turning up dead.

But when he’s framed for a brutal murder, Lake realizes he must return to the Maze and settle old scores.

Catch Ginn reading a brief excerpt directly from Maze-Born Trouble:

And now here she is answering reader questions touching on inspirations, photography, and sci-fi:

Ginn Hale resides in the Pacific Northwest with her lovely wife and wayward cats. She is an award-winning author of science fiction and fantasy, as well as an avid coffee-drinker.

Connect with Ginn: www.ginnhale.com 

Purchase Maze-Born Trouble: Amazon |  Smashwords  |  Publisher

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