So if you’re like us, you have a couple books from this year that you just can’t get out of your head. I mean obviously you do since you gave us a HUGE list of your favorite books. I mean, it was so big we had to break up in two parts cause we couldn’t handle its enormity and awesomeness.

Well, Ellen and I would like to return the favor. We each picked three books from 2012 that we want you to read. We forced them on each other and now we want to force them on you. Don’t worry: it’s not like that. We promise that you’ll thank us for this.


1) Obsidian/Onyx by J.L. Armentrout. I’m sorry, I just can’t choose between these two. I love Daemon and Katy SOOOO much. The first book will always have a special place in my heart for not only proving to me that aliens could be sexy (who would have guessed??) but also because the awesomeness of Katy is the only reason I agreed to do this blog when Judith suggested it. Then there’s the second book – I just can’t stop reading it even now. I love how their relationship has progressed and we even get some sexy times! Yay! I’ve read both so many times I honestly have them memorized…and that’s not an exaggeration btw. For both books I’ve written Judith and said “okay, the next book needs to come out because I’ve read this one a SICK amount of times!”

2) Fate Succumbs by Tammy Blackwell. There’s no way this isn’t making my top 3 list. I mean – my love for one of the characters is so much so that the author said I’m his #1 fan and I got to interview him! The entire trilogy is beyond amazing, Scout is one of my favorite characters ever, and oh did I mention how much I love Liam?! Plus I feel beyond awesome because all the stuff I predicted would happen after reading book 2 (Time Mends) actually came true! Yeah, I’m psychic.

3) Sanctum by Sarah Fine. While I try to impress upon other people (read: Judith) when I think they should give a book a chance it’s incredibly rare for me to basically say “if you value our friendship then you’ll give this a try. I’ll make you a deal – read the first 50 pages and if you’re not sold I’ll accept it but you HAVE to read 50 pages”. That’s exactly what I did with this one. The plot was so original, the characters are completely kick ass, and the writing is so vivid that I was blown away like when I read “The Poisonwood Bible” for the first time. I only just finished this last week but I can assure you – there will be a glowing review as soon as possible.

————————————————— Judith:

1) Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins. Ever read a book and get to the end realizing that it’s going to be the start of a very long series and you simultaneously love and loathe the author for dragging out the suspense because it is so flipping good that nothing you read after will ever compare? I’m being serious when I say that that is Sweet Evil. It is in a word: AMAZINGLYSTUPENDOUSLYAWESOMESAUCE. That’s a real word. Just added it to my auto-correct to prove it. There’s an extremely interesting premise centered on Angels and Demons, a sexy hero, a sweet and naive heroine who grows a backbone over the course of the story and will not annoy you. GET IT. You will definitely thank me. Plus finally got word that book 2 is out in April!

2) Easy by Tammara Webber. What a beautifully written and powerfully nuanced story. There’s some tough subject matter and some hilarious characters (remember this word and see if you don’t agree: “nutsack!”). You’ve seen it everywhere and that’s because it really is that good. Read it, love it, jump on the bandwagon! It deserves it.

3) Taste by Kate Evangelista. Sexy flesheating zombies? An excellent storyline? Superb writing from a little known author? What the what?! Yes. This book is so fresh, so unusual, so different from your usual dark paranormal fare that even if the

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plot was a teeny, tiny bit predictable, I just didn’t care! It was extremely well written and kept me enthralled from beginning to end.


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    • Such a good book, right? I keep hoping that Wendy Higgins will take pity on me and let me read Sweet Peril before its release…so far the pretty blatant pleading and begging isn’t working. haha. Thanks for taking a look!

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