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Let’s face it, sometimes you just want to sit down with a favorite author and ask questions: What are you reading? What do you do when you’re not writing? What authors do you like best? It’s innate in all of us, that driving need to find out what makes a great author tick.

With that in mind, I decided to turn those ever present, niggling questions all readers have into a new feature, Author Chats with Binge on Books! What is it? Well, every month or so, I will sit down with a favorite author and discuss anything and everything, from books to pop culture to the minutiae of daily life…usually ending with an exclusive excerpt of a new book or a work in progress. Ooooh, ahhhh. I KNOW.

It’s a great way to hear authors discussing what’s important to them and their books in their own voices. So sit back, relax, and get ready to hear the best authors out there today talking with me: Binge on Books Author Chats (also can be found on SoundCloud!)

divider-horizon-line1. Chat with…Kris Ripper

2. Chat with…Amy Jo Cousins

3. Chat about…Best of Books with Nalini Singh, Amy Jo Cousins, and Onni from I Love Romantic Fiction

4. Chat about…Bestof Books with J.R. Gray, Jessica Hawkins, and Onni from I Love Romantic Fiction

5. Chat with…C.S. Pacat

6. Chat with…Roan Parrish

7. Chat about…Most Highly Anticipated Books of the Year from Vilma of Vilma’s Book Blog, Elisabeth Lane from Cooking Up Romance, and Abby from Crime by the Book.

8. Chat with…Jordan Castillo Price

9.1 Chat withSarah J. Maas, Part 1

9.2 Chat withSarah J Maas, Part 2

10. Chat with…Holly Black

11. Meredith Duran (coming soon!)

12. Charlie Jane Anders (coming ssoon!)

13. Leigh Bardugo (coming soon!)

More to come!


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