Blue Suede BoiBlue Suede Boi by Annie Anthony

Genre: Contemporary F/F Romance 

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Reviewed by: Erin

Why you need this novella: Hot women and a super sexy shoe-shopping trip!


Plot: The unattainable object of Kaia’s fantasies is browsing in a store known for barely better than cheap shoes in the most bland strip mall in town. By the chemistry sparking between them, Kaia wonders if Amanda came in looking for more than just the men’s shoe rack. Has Kaia’s hottest fantasy become a reality in her blue suede boi?

Review: Blue Suede Boi is an erotic short from Annie Anthony featuring Kaia, a bored retro-femme shoe store employee and Amanda, the sexy boi of her fantasies. They’d met before, when Kaia was with her ex, and Kaia hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since. Then Amanda walks back into her life, looking for some new shoes…

Let’s face it: Erotic shorts can be clunky and awkward, with plots that consist of “ma’am, did you order a pizza?” Blue Suede Boi isn’t that kind of short. This story does a nice job setting up the women’s history, their current attraction, and gives us a good backdrop for them falling into bed together. It’s well-written, really sexy, and that image of Amanda in her tuxedo pants? Uh, yeah. That works nicely. *fans self* I liked that you could tell that they liked each other, in addition to the sexual attraction, and the inclusion of details about Amanda’s job and Kaia’s friendship with her roommate just served to make the characters more

There’s a lot packed into these 24 pages and I’m looking forward to seeing more from this author!

Things you might not like: It’s an erotic short…if you’re looking for long, deep conversations and intricate plots, it’s not for you.

Things you will love: Good writing, a lot packed into a short story, and two hot women!

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