scientific methodScientific Method (Book 1) by Kris Ripper

Genre: Kinky  M/M

Format: Kindle

Score: 10/10

Word of Caution: these books are really for 18+. Lots of kink, lots of smut, lots of…Kris Ripper.

Plot: Will Derrie has a problem. He’s twenty-one years old and there’s something terribly wrong with him. He doesn’t like sex.

Dominance. Submission. Bondage. Even thinking the words make him shiver, but he’s never been brave enough to tell anyone. He’s into his girlfriends, but he still has to run a movie in his head to get through having sex with them. Why can’t he just be normal, like other people?

When his twin brother Adam accidentally stumbles upon his search history, Adam decides that Will needs an intervention. With a dominatrix. Oh, and also, the dominatrix’s mysterious (and way less scary) friend Hugh.

Will can’t stop thinking about going to Hugh’s house and following orders, and he’s pretty sure Hugh’s getting off on more than just showing Will the ropes (so to speak). Is it friends-with-benefits? A romance? A bromance, but with floggers? Will has no idea. But whatever it is, it’s freaking hot.

Review: ever read a book so steamy, so incendiary, so drop dead over the top HOT that you don’t even care that the ending, while happy, is definitely not of the happily-ever-after variety? Nope? Well, neither had I before Scientific Method. This book. This beautifully written, kinky little novella will blow your mind. It is everything you want in a great read – gorgeous writing, sexy premise, a total body and soul revelation that you actually get to see happening on the page, the first of a 10 novella serial plus free!

Will and Hugh have a tentative beginning, one full of baby steps forward and giant leaps back. Watching Will come alive to his desires and needs is literary magic. He wants so much but doesn’t know how to tell people what that is…until he meets Hugh, the male Dom. Hugh is not at all what he ever imagined for himself. For starters, he’s a man. But Hugh helps break Will in, figuratively and literally and by the end of the book, well, you’ll be begging for more!

What you’ll love: gorgeous storytelling; sexy as sin BDSM; mind-blowingly hot “will-they, won’t-they” premise; hilarious and flushed out side-characters of which Lucy is the best; free!

What you may hate: …nothing? Maybe the whole bdsm plotline but then, why read this book?! GET IT! Not one thing to lose.

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