What does Halloween sound like?

The wind blowing through the trees. A noise in the dark where no noise is supposed to be. The rev of a chainsaw, a lone meow, a scream calling out into the wilderness–and then cut off just as quickly. These are the sounds of horror and terror; of spooky nights and chilling days where you don’t want to sleep for fear of never waking up. Where you pray for the nights to be over. These are the sounds of Halloween.

Get ready to enter a literary world where these sounds come to life…

From October 1st through 31st, Binge on Books is hosting an audio series featuring authors from across books reading the spookiest, scariest, most terrifyingly horrible scenes they’ve ever written. Whether it’s Romance or Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Thrillers, scary stories abound and we are bringing them to you in audio. Sounds Like Halloween asks you to ask yourself…

…what really terrifies you?

Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

About the series:

Thirty-one days of authors in audio reading their scary, spooky, ghastly, terrifying, and thrilling scenes to get you in the mood for Halloween.

Listen if you dare…

Authors taking part:

Amy Jo Cousins * Anna Zabo * Anyta Sunday * Austin Chant * Avon Gale * CB Lee * Charlie Jane Anders * Christina Lauren * Emma Barry * FT Lukens * GG Andrew * Ginn Hale * Jordan Castillo Price * Jordan L. Hawk * Jude Sierra * Layla Reyne * Linsey Miller Malinda Lo * Mary FanMegan Erickson * Meredith Duran * Michelle Osgood * Nicole Kimberling * Roan Parrish * Santino Hassell * Sherry Thomas * Theresa Romain * Whitney Taylor ...and more to come!

When and where does it run: 

October 1 – 31 on Binge on Books

Scary never sounded so good.

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