Austin Chant joins Sounds Like Halloween with a reading from his upcoming trans gothic romance, Caroline’s Heart.

About Caroline’s Heart: 

When a witch arrives at Roy’s cattle ranch in search of spell components, he sees her as a ticket out of his dead-end cowboy life. Gambling on a miracle, he follows her to the city and finds himself at the mercy of magics beyond anything he’s ever imagined.

Cecily lost her soulmate years ago, leaving her with nothing but the clockwork heart that once beat in Caroline’s chest. They say it’s impossible to bring back the dead, yet Cecily’s resurrection spell is nearly complete—and grows more powerful by the day.

But when a cowboy she barely knows is fatally injured, the only way to save him is by sacrificing an essential piece of the resurrection spell—and all possibility of seeing her lover again.

Caroline’s Heart is a historical fantasy novella, set in Texas in 1885, starring two trans protagonists and a scoop of gothic horror. 

About Austin Chant: 

Austin Chant is a bitter millennial, a decent chef, and a queer, trans writer of romance and speculative fiction. His fiction includes Peter Darling, Coffee Boy, and the forthcoming Caroline’s Heart. He co-hosts The Hopeless Romantic, a podcast dedicated to exploring LGBTQIA+ love stories and the art of writing romance. He currently lives in a household of creative freelancers who all spend too much time playing video games.

Caroline’s Heart releases on October 25th. Find it on Goodreads!

Connect with Austin: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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