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Want to submit a book to Binge on Books? We’re honored! Please be aware:

1. We do not read and review everything we receive. We will accept all books and are grateful you’ve chosen us to read your novel, but acceptance does not equal a review. If we do decide to read and review, you will receive an email notifying you of when the review will be posted.

2. We will provide an honest review of your work.  It might not be pretty and you might not like it, but any submission we review will be evaluated honestly and without bias.

3. Submit to us directly via the Submissions form below. If there’s a reviewer you are interested in having review, please note it below.

4. Every effort is made to respond to submission emails but due to time constraints, this is often not possible.

Please do submit things to us! We love new books and hope to hear from you soon.


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8 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. I would love for you to review my nitty gritty YA book Off Leash. Below is the book blurb. If you’re interested I can send you an e-copy as a pdf. Thanks again.

    When life knocks you flat on your back, and you know you’ve had enough, try telling that to a dog demanding his walk.

    Jay Walker is a fake. He acts full when starved and happy when sad. How else is a guy who has a deadbeat for a mother and a sister battling cancer supposed to feel? And isn’t walking a pet just a chore? Too bad the dog doesn’t know that. The dog lives in the now, embraces life to the fullest and gives his whole heart when offering love.

    Off Leash is unique because it showcases issues of poverty that transcend countries, age and color. Alternatively told between the POV of both Jay and the dog, Ollie, it shows the reader how a boy who wants a job to make some quick cash so he can buy food for his cancer-stricken sister struggles with trying to do the right thing in a world that has treated him wrong since birth.
    Off Leash has alternative endings.

    • Hey Renee! Thanks for the interest! I’m going to shoot you an email directly for all the details.

  2. I would love for you to review my books. I have four in a series that I self published.
    What format do you prefer for submission?

    I’ve read several of your reviews and they are breathtakingly refreshing. You say what we want to hear about a novel and the characters!

  3. Hi Judith and Ellen,
    I recently published my YA novel, Eliza’s Shadow, on Amazon and would love for you to review it. I know you have a backlog of books to read but you won’t regret giving this one a chance! If you are willing to take a look at it, what is the best way to get it to you? Thank you so much for your consideration!

    Eliza Gowan’s past has come back to hunt her. Since her mother’s mysterious disappearance, Eliza has enjoyed a quiet life under the care of her aunt in the sleepy town of Port Rune. But the moment magnetic Ren Alden appears in her high school classroom, Eliza is thrust into the exciting world of magic and the path of danger. Menaced by an otherworldly enemy, Eliza embarks on a quest to solve the mysteries of her past and end the hunt for good.

  4. I recently published a fun coming-of-age novel called REVENGE OF A BAND GEEK GONE BAD and would love for you to review it. The summary is below; if you’re interested, I can e-mail a PDF copy or send you a copy via Kindle. BTW, thank you for having a site that honors YA and indie authors! –Naomi

    Love. Lust. Blackmail. Romance. Revenge. Is finding love worth getting even?

    Shy, overweight Melinda Rhodes’ sophomore year of high school isn’t going so well. Her mother mocks her weight. She spends her weekends holed up in her room making what her friend calls “Freaky eyeball paintings.” Her pants split in the middle of school, earning her the nickname, “Moolinda.” She then loses first chair flute in band to Kathy Meadows, the pretty and popular mean girl who’s tormented Mel for years.

    Her luck changes when she catches the eye of sexy hottie Josh Kowalski, a rebellious trumpet prodigy and class clown. Josh has also been hurt by Kathy and asks Melinda to help take Kathy down. Mel figures that she has nothing to lose … and Josh is adorable with gorgeous blue eyes and a winning smile. She agrees to team up with him and looks forward to finally getting back at her rival.

    At first, the pair’s pranks against Kathy are silly, and as they work together, Mel comes out of her shell. Wild, impulsive Josh gets her to do things she’d never done before and Mel enjoys being a bad girl. Even better, she and Josh fall in love and their teen romance blossoms.

    However, as their schemes become more involved and dangerous, Mel begins to question her loyalty to Josh — and is surprised to find how dark her dark side really is. Just how far will she be willing to go to get what she wants — and is keepng Josh really worth the risk of going against her beliefs?

    This is a coming of age tale about finding love, staying on top and staying true to yourself. Is it really possible for Melinda to have it all?

  5. I have a two-book series, Slow Dance in Purgatory and the recently released Prom Night in Purgatory. Yes, I know, series aren’t traditionally only two books, but I don’t like being the same as everyone else. These books are about a 1950s bad boy who falls in love with a girl from 2010. How you say? Purgatory. I would love for you to check out this twisty, time-travel love affair, where there may be no happy ending.

  6. I would be delighted for you to review my novel.

    My new YA Supernatural Romance The Cadence, was released November 17. Delve into the life of Emma King, a senior in high school plagued with the unusual ability to feels people’s emotions–with a simple touch. When seemingly unemotional Gage Parmer moves to town with an unbelievable story that intimately connects her to his world, she doesn’t know what to think. But it doesn’t take her long to realize that he’s come to take her on the ride of her life and straight into the storm of the century, an enemy to every Circle of which she is unknowingly a member. They are called The Cadence, and their sole desire is to make sure that she and her newfound Circle of unlikely supernatural humans fails like every Circle before them. Only Emma holds the key to overcome the Cadence forever.

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