Romance Review: Angel by Laura Lee…you must buy this book!

Angel by Laura Lee

Published by: Itineris Press

Format: Paperback ARC/Kindle PDF

Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by: Judith

2 years ago, I was at Book Expo America for the first time, generally walking around a big open space in a book daze. People would look at my badge, see “Reviewer”, and thrust books right into my open hands. Free books were everywhere! And I took them ALL! Thank god I did because little did I know that I held in my hands a book that was to become my top M/M read of all time. I’m serious here. This book is the one I urge everyone to read.

I’ll give you fair warning now: Angel isn’t a flashy book; there’s no crazy drama or gorgeous hunks. There’s no fantastic sex, trash talk, or impossible situations. There’s not even a happily ever after. But what there is, is a finely crafted love story which really spoke to me on a deeper level than I could ever describe adequately here. All I can say is you must give this book a chance and hopefully it will touch you as deeply as it did me.

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