Sounds Like Halloween: Day 18 with Daria Defore

Daria Defore join Sounds Like Halloween with a reading from the fantasy Romance, Sparkwood.

About Sparkwood:

Finn Bricket has never trusted fairies, and it’s no surprise to him when his twin brother Luke turns up dead, probably by magical means. What he doesn’t expect is an invitation to the funeral—in the fairy realm—and a chance to find out who killed him.

On the way he meets Robin, a fairy who’s supposed to be watching out for him—and who Finn instantly hates. Despite the tension between them, Robin is also upset by Luke’s death and wants to make things right.

Before long they’re looking for clues and up to their necks in fairy trouble, and maybe not even Robin’s magic can save them.

About Daria Defore:

Daria Defore is a writer by night, and a video producer by day. She’s been writing ever since she was a kid, and vividly remembers that her first story was about visiting Santa Claus and getting a pet dinosaur. Now she writes filthy romance instead.

Daria is a Washington transplant living in New York City. She has a tendency to set stories in her beautiful home state. She loves reading, cups of coffee in multiples of ten, and being bullied to write more.

Learn more about the Sounds Like Halloween audio series, including authors taking part & what you can expect, here.

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Authors Interviewing Authors: Marieke Nijkamp interviews Dahlia Adler

Just VisitingDahlia Adler. We all know her. We all love her. And most importantly, everyone who’s read her books will agree: we love those best of all! She is a much lauded blogger at B&N Teen Book Blog as well as the opening act of this year’s Queer Romance Month. She is the author of recently released, Just Visiting, a story of two friends who “struggle to learn who they are and what they want in the present [and] discover just how much they don’t know about each other’s pasts.” She is sweet and irreverent and has a razor sharp wit. I, for one, have been dying to learn more about her!

For November’s edition of Authors Interviewing Authors, I decided to do just that and fellow YA author, Marieke Nijkamp, so graciously volunteered to interview Dahlia. So without further introduction, here’s Marieke Nijkamp interviewing Dahlia Adler about life, love, and her latest release, Just Visiting.

Read More

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October + Romance = Queer Romance Month!

Guys. Guuuuuuys. Get excited. No, really. Get very Very VERY excited cause October is fast upon us and with it comes a very special celebration: QUEER ROMANCE MONTH!

Queer Romance Month? What is that?” you are no doubt all wondering. Well, you see, it’s a fabulous month long celebration of romance across the LGBTQ+ spectrum. What? Yes. FABULOUS. Month Long. Celebration. Every day in October, three to four posts from a variety of readers, writers, bloggers and other brilliant people get posted on Contributors come from all corners of romance, united by the belief that love is love, romance is romance, and sexuality is not a sub-genre.

Last year’s theme was: Love is Love; this year’s theme is: We All Need Stories. And we do, we all need stories. We All Need Stories badge

You’ll find the awesome contributors all over social media, giving exclusive interviews, audio clips and video readings in addition to the cool content on the Queer Romance Month site.

Now, here’s the clincher: why should you care? Because everyone involved in Queer Romance Month is terribly brilliant and sexy, of course (YOU, the reader, included!!).

No, really.

But on a serious note, it’s a chance to talk about books you love or discover books you’re going to love in an exciting, diverse and enthusiastic community.

There’ll be actual, legit, brand new content from a wide range of writers who we hope you’ll already think are fabulous or will decide are fabulous after you read them.

Here at Binge on Books we are so excited for the return of all those who contributed to the Charmed & Dangerous anthology, as well as so many of our other favorite writers, such as Santino Hassell, Roan Parrish, Alexis J Hall, EE Ottoman, Rose Lerner, Amy Jo Cousins… You get the picture, right? That’s just the beginning of the incredible and diverse list of authors. We are also excited for some of our favorite artists and bloggers to contribute, such as Catherine Dair and Elisabeth Lane, as well as our very own, Liz(!!)

We hope you will join us in celebrating all the amazing and unique queer stories that have already been told, are in the process of being told, or will be told in the future.

There will also be a lot of free stuff. Woot woot. FREE STUFF. You know. As a bonus.

You can visit daily at Subscribe by email or add the RSS to your feed-reader of choice. You can also, and most importantly, follow on Twitter at @QueerRomance, which will alert you when new posts go up.

You can also snag one of the gorgeous badges to display on your own site or use temporarily as a Facebook or Twitter icon to show your support of Queer Romance Month.

Tweet, leave comments, enter giveaways – Queer Romance Month is coming to share stories and the contributors love hearing from people.

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The Best YA Books of 2012: We Need YOUR Help!

Hey there! Since 2012 is slowly and inexorably drawing to a close, Ellen and I got together last week for our monthly Drinks + Dinner + YA Discussion. We started reminiscing about all the awesome reads we’d gotten our hands onto this year and book titles and authors were flying fast and furious. If you want to know how it went down, that conversation went a little like this:

Judith: “Dude, I read so many good books this year!”

Ellen: “Totally. Me too!”

Judith: “Like that one book with the girl who–“

Ellen: “YES! Or that paranormal one with the kid who wouldn’t–“

Judith: “Totally agree…you know, maybe we should compile them in an excel spreadsheet so that all those awesome readers out there have them in list form.”

Ellen: [sigh] “You know I hate compiling things. And Excel. Oh and spreadsheets.

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Can’t you just do that for me?”

Judith: “I could but I think I know a better way…”

The better way is this: YOU tell us your favorite book of 2012. Comment about it, email it, tweet it, facebook it. But tell us and I’m going to compile a huge list of 2012 bests so that we can all benefit from the book adoration. Then around December 27th, I’ll randomly pick a few books from the recommendations we get and give them away to a few people who threw their favorite out there (randomly using my trusty random contest picker of course). My idea of a few books and a few people is currently hovering around 3 but could go to 5 or more.

So please think long and hard about it and let us know your pick for the Best Books of 2012! There are so many to choose from and so

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many great authors to discover…be sure to throw your fave into the ring so more people can read it.

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