Urban Fantasy Review: The Beast by J.R. Ward

TThe Beasthe Beast by J.R. Ward

Published by: Penguin USA

Format: Paperback ARC

Genre: Urban Fantasy of the Vampire Persuasion

Order from: Amazon

Reviewed by: Guest Reviewer, Ellen(!)

What to expect: Rhage and Mary, Mary and Rhage! Book…whatever of The Black Dagger Brotherhood offers a new installment of two of my most favorite characters (MARY AND RHAGE) + vampires from the Old Country who wear leather, tote guns, and speak in slang, and a look at what’s ahead for the Brotherhood…think GRAND SCOPE!

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March 31st: What the Heck is Judith Reading?!

Hello, hello, reading world! I’m on my way out the door (figuratively since if I were, I couldn’t be typing to you on my trusty computer) but wanted to leave you with some fun reading for the next week.  Oh yes, didn’t I mention? I’m outta here for ten days! I’ll be in balmy (read: humid and hot) Texas and then on to Las Vegas, baby! Excited and ecstatic are two words that come to mind when I think of my little vacation to come. I’m going from this:

To this:

And then this:

Now do you see the cause of my enthusiasm? There should be pictures of cocktails, pools, and buff bodied men in there too but I couldn’t find any pictures of those subjects that adequately convey my happiness.

For this trip, my Kindle is all stocked and I will be reading:

1. The Kiss Off by Sarah Billington: an amateur song writer’s latest song of heartbreak goes global and launches her into instant success. Sarah Billington’s book won’t be out til May and we’ll be part of a HUGE multi-blog tour to promote it.  Can’t wait to share all the info.

2. Rematch by Janine Caldwell: Cassie and Trent’s worlds are about to collide, but not in the way you might normally expect. After a rocky start to their senior year, Trent is determined to hide from Cassie how their lives are supernaturally linked. But when Cassie’s past continues to torment her, she’s soon looking to Trent for answers. Trent must choose between admitting what he is and his role in her past, or running away from her forever.

3. Hold on Tight by Maria Monteiro: Maria is a twitter buddy and authoress.  Girlfriend is funny, snarky, and just a little bit naughty so I’m excited to read this “summer romance” as she has explained it to me.

And while not technically YA (and by technically I mean not at all):

4. Lover Reborn by JR Ward: Come on! If you don’t know about the Black Dagger Brotherhood you have been living under a rock! JR Ward’s gang of thuggish vampires and their mates is smokin’ hot and all are pretty decent reads.

5. At Your Pleasure by Meredith Duran: I adore Meredith Duran. She is one of my absolute all time favorite romance writers.  Each of her books is well written and superbly crafted.  Check out her debut, Duke of Shadows, for an AMAZINGLY well written love story set in exotic British-occupied India.

And now, I leave the blog in the oh-so capable hands of Ellen.  Enjoy!

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