Clouded Hell Blog Tour: Reader Inspired Q&A with J.R. Gray

It’s no secret that I adore J.R. Gray, as an author and a person. He’s an enigmatic character and comes up with some of the HOTTEST books on the scene. His newest is out on March 23rd and, well, you’ve seen that cover, right? …RIGHT?! No? Well, even if you have I’m posting it again ’cause I just cannot get enough!


If you’re like me, I’m absolutely certain you want more of this book (and that cover! And most of all, Gray!)….and I have got what you need. In anticipation of Clouded Hell’s release, Gray recently asked his Facebook group, The Gray Pack, to throw out any questions they may have for him. What they asked was an awesome mix of personal, craft, and Clouded Hell exclusives and Gray answers…even the dirty ones.

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Release Day: Exclusive Excerpt of Rebecca Grace Allen’s His Contract

HearHis Contract that? That’s the very loud, very excited sound of cheering for today’s release of Rebecca Grace Allen’s super sexy BDSM book, His Contract! Woohoo! Confetti throw! It’s here! Yessss. And what could make today even better? Well, Rebecca has given Binge on Books an exclusive excerpt for the release and it’s hotter than hot (And by that I mean it’s INCENDIARY so watch out)!

Now, if you don’t know anything about His Contract a) where have you been?! b) let’s change that stat! Here’s the blurb (and honestly, get ready to fan yourself by the end):

Lawyers know when to play by the rules…and when to break them. Harvard law professor Jack Archer once balanced his professional life with the private world of dominance, surrender, and trust he shared with his wife. Since cancer stole her a year ago, finding love again—her final wish for him—is the furthest thing from his mind. From his empty house to the classroom, grief follows his every move.Until he meets a young woman with shadows in her eyes even darker than his own.

Once a shining star at law school, Lilly Sterling’s dreams died when the Dom she trusted left her heartbroken and lost. She’s starting fresh in a new city as a paralegal, but meeting Jack reawakens all her old demons—and her lingering desires. Jack offers to become Lilly’s mentor for both the courtroom and the playroom, but tells himself it’s not a relationship. Their carefully worded contract guarantees that. But when their trial agreement starts heating up, both Jack and Lilly must decide what will tip the scales: the letter of the law…or love?

Warning: All rise for a book that contains a wounded submissive and a Dominant who wants to retrain her while retaining control of his heart. Discovery phase may involve spankings, bondage, edging, and blindfolds. Is it hot?

You be the judge.

And here it is, an exclusive excerpt to whet your appetite before you delve head first into His Contract. Enjoy! Read More

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Blog Tour Stop: Catalysts by Kris Ripper

Catalysts-TheScientificMethod-Facebook (2)

Hello, all! Guess what today is? Can you? I mean, can you?!

It’s release day for a book that is near and dear to my heart: Kris Ripper’s Catalysts! What’s Catalysts, you ask? Well, it’s a brand new, updated version of two old favorites. Here’s the blurb:

Sometimes all it takes is meeting one person to turn your world upside down. Will Derrie likes girls but he isn’t honest with them; he wants kinky sex and lots of it. When Hugh offers to dominate him, no sex required, Will realizes it might not be so easy to separate the two.

Sometimes all it takes is a new angle on an old idea to change everything you thought you wanted. Hugh Reynolds holds the world at arm’s length. He lives alone, works alone, and he thinks he’s as happy as he’ll ever be. But Will gets under his skin and once he’s gone, Hugh realizes he doesn’t want to go it alone forever.

Sometimes all it takes is a random encounter to open your mind (and your heart). Truman Jennings hits on a cute guy at a conference and he’s smitten by the end of their first date. Hugh’s not the kindest or the easiest boyfriend Truman’s ever had, but he brings one thing to their relationship that no one else could: kinky, adventurous, sweetly submissive Will.

Sometimes you can’t find the right man till you find the wrong one. Three men. Three sides to love, and intimacy, and laughter. Three people who didn’t know what they were looking for…until they found it in each other.

Sounds so good, right? Well, it is! As part of Ripper’s blog tour, I have some lovely things for you today: an exclusive deleted scene (and it’s hot. Oh is it HOT), a podcast Ripper and I did about a month ago to discuss Catalysts, and a giveaway! So without any further lollygagging, let’s get to it!

(and please please please, realize this is so hot and NSFW that you need to use your discretion before going on)

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NA Review: Carry the Ocean by Heidi Cullinan + Giveaway!

Carry the OceanCarry the Ocean by Heidi Cullinan

Published by: Samhain Publishing

Format: Kindle ARC

Genre: NA M/M Romance

Reviewed by: Judith

Score: 10/10

Did you see the score I gave this one? Did you? DID YOU?! 10/10. 10 whopping stars. That’s not something I hand out willy nilly to all the books that grace this blog. No, this book is special. It’s ridiculously special. Don’t get me wrong: it’s the funny, sexy, intelligent, fast paced, and lovely book we expect from Heidi Cullinan. But above all – and what sets it apart from everything – is how wholly unique it is to the genre. Read the plot, give it a chance; give me 50 pages and if you hate it, forget it. But if you trust my reviews, then do yourself a favor and one-click this book. It is oh so worth it.

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Sentinel Blog Tour: Character Interview, Half Blood review by J.L. Armentrout + giveaway!

Sentinel Blog Tour banner

6 days only. That’s right. Only 6 measly days until you can get your hands on the 7th and last book in JL Armentrout’s legendary Half Blood series! Sentinel will be out on November 2nd and to celebrate it’s a week of awesome build up to the release. Today is officially Half-Blood day here at I Love YA Fiction and we thought it’d be fun to repost a hilariously irreverent interview featuring Seth and Aiden (as imagined by Ellen and Judith) + our Half-Blood review from a while back. We’ll also give you an opportunity to win a $200 gift card (to buy more books obviously…and maybe share with Judith? No? Hey! I like free books too!)

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Blog Tour: Love In The Time Of The Dead by Tera Shanley

love in the time of the deadLove in the Time of the Dead by Tera Shanley

Publisher: Omnific Publishing

Format: Uncorrected arc

Reviewed by: Onnica

Genre: Fantasy YA

Score: 9/10

Wow – zombies are huge right now – so when I was asked whether I’d like to review this book I couldn’t resist. As afraid of a zombie apocalypse as I am, add in some romance and high drama and I’m there!

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April 29th: Sunday Roundup because Monday I’m going to be feeling lazy

What’s that sound? Oh yes, it is silence, something my house has been lacking quite a bit of for the last two weeks. You see, we’ve had houseguests. The sort of houseguests that you love having around (my mother-in-law is a dream! She cooks, cleans, buys groceries, takes care of me and my husband. Now if we could only get her to learn some English and then force her onto one of those shows called Supermom or My Favorite Mother-In-Law, we could make a killing because this lady would WIN. She’s amazing). But still: my tiny New York apartment has been a crowded mess for half a month and there hasn’t been much time for reviews or reading lists or funny posts about authors and their upcoming books.

I do however have some great contests, an awesome blog tour and book release, one review thanks to Richelle, our fabulous go-to guest blogger, and some other tidbits you might find interesting. So here we go:


Fellow blogger, Mollie Harper of Tough Critic Book Reviews, is trying to beg/grovel/whine/connive her way into an ARC of Onyx, Jennifer L Armentrout’s sequel to Obsidian. If you haven’t started this series about hot aliens living next door, check out our review and then enter to win Mollie’s contest to win a copy of Obsidian.  It’ll also help her on her way to Likes which she hopes will get her noticed by Entangled Publishing…a girl can always dream because we all know Entangled is guarding those puppies like diamonds.


We’re participating in the Sarah Billington Kiss Off Blog tour! For those of you who are scratching your heads and saying, “The who to what tour?”, let me introduce you. This is Sarah Billington, a new YA author from the land down under:

Doesn’t she look fun? And Aussie? Well, Sarah has written an equally fun and fabulous book called, The Kiss Off:

It’s about a 16 year old song writer named Poppy and what happens when she releases a very real song about teenage heartbreak on Youtube.  Mum’s the word about anything more since our review of it will be out on May 2nd.  In anticipation, we have a very special Sarah Billington review of The Statistical Probability of Falling in Love which will be out on May 1st!


Guest blogger, Richelle, has stepped up to the plate again and reviewed Slammed by Colleen Hoover. Lake and her family move to Michigan from Texas after the loss of her father. While there she meets hottie next door neighbor, Will, and the two are drawn to each other through another traumatic event. Richelle gives it 100000000/10 and has been trying to push the book on not only me but all people she comes into contact with. High praise indeed.


Contrary to what we were originally told, the release for Onyx by Jennifer L Armentrout has been pushed back to August. Here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth as it were:

Jennifer ArmentroutJennifer Armentrout ‏ @JLArmentrout

@ILoveYAFiction @entangledpub @molliekh It was pushed back by the pub due to distribution.

Yes, that was the sound of the female readers of North America letting out a collective sob.  
And on that sad, sad note, I must bid you all a good Sunday.
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