Authors Interviewing Authors: Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner interview each other

Today on Authors Interviewing Authors, it’s fantastic writing duo, Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner! They write sexy, diverse historicals set around the 1960s space program. Their stories are unique, and relevant, and just so spot on. If you haven’t picked them up, well, I highly suggest you devour the three books already out before getting in line with the rest of us while we wait impatiently for book 4!

In the meantime…here’s this awesome writing team talking about writing together, how they met, and a super list of stuff even they didn’t know about each other after four years.

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Historical Romance Review: Earth Bound by Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner

earth boundEarth Bound by Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner 

Series: Fly Me to the Moon (#2)

Published by: Amazon Digital Services

Format: eARC

Genre: Historical Romance

Order at: Amazon

Reviewed by: Erin

What to Expect: A steamy secret romance, competence porn, science, math, tight, immersive writing, and the most repressed, smitten man in a historical since that Duke you loved so much.


Houston, Texas, 1961

The race to the moon is on, and engineer Eugene Parsons has two enemies: danger and distraction. Nothing is more distracting than his attraction to the brilliant, beautiful computer scientist on his team, but he’s determined to overcome it since he needs her to help America win.

Charlie Eason is used to men underestimating her. It comes with being a woman in engineering, but it’s worth it to join the space race—even if she can’t figure out what’s behind the intense looks one tightly wound engineer keeps sending her. But life isn’t as unemotional or predictable as code, and things soon boil over with the intriguingly demanding Parsons.

With every launch, their secret affair grows thornier. The lines between work and play tangle even as Parsons and Charlie try to keep them separate. But when a mission goes wrong, they’ll have to put aside their pride for the greater good—and discover that matters of the heart have a logic all their own.


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