I Love YA Fiction is now Binge on Books plus a HUGE Book Giveaway!

In case you hadn’t noticed, I Love YA Fiction is looking a little…different? Unusual? Completely not the same at all? Whatever word(s) you choose, it’s true! There’s been a complete site overhaul and now you’re looking at the new, improved, gloriously, more aptly named: BINGE ON BOOKS!

*throws confetti* *shouts* *plasters a big smile on and opens arms wide to all the guests* Welcome to the new site! We’re still just as cool and fun as before but now we can more comfortably talk about the books and book news that you enjoy. It’s a win for everyone! And you know what I have to do whenever there’s big news on the site…

binge-on-books-twitter giveaway

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New Adult Fiction Review: Sweet by Tammara Webber

Sweet by Tammara WebberSweet by Tammara Webber

Published by: Amazon Digital Services

Format: Kindle ARC

Genre: New Adult Fiction

Reviewed by: Judith

Score: 9/10

Every time I crack open a new Tammara Webber novel, my internal monologue runs a little something like this: “HOLY $(&#$@$*#&$^! How can someone write this well? I mean, it shouldn’t be possible. Seriously, now, no one can write this well. Can they? Maaaaaaaaaan. She is killing this one with all these amazing words and feelings and…I really should go to sleep but…just one more chapter? Yeah, you convinced me. One more…okay, two. Two more. Aww, man, it’s 3 am?! And my book is done???”

Even if you end this review here, please remember: Tammara Webber’s Sweet? There’s no question. Get it, devour it, and thank me later.

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Winners of Tammara Webber Rocks Contest!

You asked for free Tammara Webber books and we’re giving them to you. The three lucky winners of our Tammara Webber Rocks Contest are:

Entry #10 Emmalee H.

Entry #290 Kenzie R.

Entry #252 Alyssa S.
Thanks to everyone for entering! You guys are awesome! Be on the lookout for an ARC contest later this month where we clean out our bookshelves and give you free books.
Winners, please send me an email at judith@iloveyafiction.com naming the book you want and in what e-reader format (kindle, nook, etc).
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Our Top 3 of 2012!

So if you’re like us, you have a couple books from this year that you just can’t get out of your head. I mean obviously you do since you gave us a HUGE list of your favorite books. I mean, it was so big we had to break up in two parts cause we couldn’t handle its enormity and awesomeness.

Well, Ellen and I would like to return the favor. We each picked three books from 2012 that we want you to read. We forced them on each other and now we want to force them on you. Don’t worry: it’s not like that. We promise that you’ll thank us for this.

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Readers’ Choice Best YA/NA Books of 2012, part 1

We asked, you answered and the response was overwhelming to say the least!

Gotta hand it to you: YOUR list of the best Young Adult and New Adult from 2012 is amazing! A lot of these are on my TBR and a lot I’ve read (and totally agree with you by the way. You all have superb taste in books). If we reviewed it, I’ve also included a link to the review and the # of stars.

Now I must tell you. You gave us so many awesome reads that I had to break this list up! I’m giving you 25 at a time until we’re done and hope you can keep up!

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Contest time: Tammara Webber Easy Giveaway

Now, it’s no secret that I have a bit of a girl-crush on Tammara Webber. “And why shouldn’t I?”, I ask shrilly to

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anyone who so much as raises an eyebrow to it (and granted I may sound a tad defensive here but I’m no crazy). My reasons for all the love are legion, the first and foremost being: she can write a love story so believable and so dreamy that Ellen and I will literally read and reread her books over and over and over ad nauseum. And each time it just gets better, people! She’s got a very clear and fluid literary voice and her stories are very unique. Best thing is that the rest of the world is finally starting to perk up and take notice too. Just last week her newest release, Easy, made it onto the New York Times bestseller’s list and is still there having climbed to position #20. Woot woot! High praise indeed for an author who, up until a few years ago, wrote only for herself and is entirely self-published.

So to honor this feat we’re having a Tammara Webber Easy giveaway. Just because we can!!! Yeah, that’s how we roll. We like books and we give them to you. As a fun add on to the contest, Tammara has graciously agreed to answer a few of my questions about Easy which we’ll be posting on the day the winner is announced. Which means that even if you don’t win, you’ll still be lucky enough to get some burning questions answered and then maybe you won’t feel quite so bad. And heck, if any of you have those hard hitting questions that you’re sure we won’t think of, she very well may answer those too so feel free to ask them in the comments section when you tell me your means of entering the contest.

Speaking of, this contest is extremely simple to enter and get multiple entries for (plus we’re not very imaginative so you may have unwittingly don’t a few of them already). Now if you already do any of these, just tell us in your comment to have it count. But remember, you must comment telling us which methods you’re using to enter or we will not know and it will not count:

1. Like Us on facebook

2. Follow us on twitter (@iloveyafiction)

3. Post a comment (come on, this is a gimmie!)

That’s it for this one! See, Easy. Contest runs from June 25th – July 4th. Winner to be announced July 5th. Contest is open to anyone 18 years of age or older. Book will be given in e-book form. Good luck!

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Ellen Is Back (again)! What am I reading?

Hello to all our wonderful readers! Just wanted to write a brief note letting you all know (since I have no doubt you’ve been anxiously refreshing the website wondering where I might be) that I’ve returned from my rather unexpected hiatus. If you follow us on twitter (me: @ellen4YA Judith: @iloveyafiction) you might have noticed us joking about my computer dying. Well here’s the honest to goodness truth: not a few hours after I finished my last review I was drinking some wine, playing an online jigsaw puzzle (love them) and watching Game of Thrones.  I lifted my head to yell at Theon Greyjoy (ASSHAT extraordinare) and when I look back down my computer screen is grey, and then just dies. So the next day I take it to my new bffs at Best Buy who tell me my hard drive is “corrupt” and there’s no getting back any of the stuff saved on my computer. They take it, tell me it’s fixed, but when I go to pick it up am informed something was “rattling around” and so now they have to replace my motherboard. But it’s a story with a happy ending because I FINALLY have my computer back and am ready to do some book reviewing!

Oh, and on a related note, I’m never EVER EVER EVER reviewing another book about angels. I just got my computer back, I can’t risk a negative angel review taking it all away again! (What, I’m Irish Catholic, we’re seriously superstitious.) I even joked with Judith that we might have to start a new area of the blog just for when I start a book but then there are angels involved and I have to put it down. Instead of DNF it would be TBA (There Be Angels) or something similar.

ANYWAY. I also thought I’d make up a list of the books I plan to review in the coming weeks. They probably won’t come in this order since I tend to review whatever I’ve just finished and I’m not very good at sticking to my own plans.

1. Rematch (The Vortex Series) by Janine Caldwell

2. The Timberwolves Series by Tammy Blackwell (hey! Those two last names are so similar!)

3. The Crimson Soul sequel by Tim Cody

4. The Covenant series by JL Armentrout

5. My own review of Easy by Tammara Webber

6. Other stuff I can’t think of right now.

7. Those frigging Christopher Pike books I’ve been planning to read/review for months. I need to get my act together!


Well there it is. Let’s hope nothing goes wrong this time and you can all enjoy my wonderful witticisms and deep thoughts about YA (see, this is why I need that sarcasm font).

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Easy by Tammara Webber

Easy by Tammara Webber

Publisher: Self-published

Format: Kindle Edition

Girls, not since Sarah Dessen wrote Wes, the hottie tattooed bad boy turned better man, has a hero been this hot. No, really, I can tell you don’t believe me and you would be wrong. This kid is sizzling in a way that absolutely does not make me want to make a funny sizzler joke (though really I do and I just saw this hilarious one on Twitter: Sizzler’s slogan is “where America comes to eat”. They must wonder how so many of us survive without food.) All I can tell you is that you gotta read this book and I’m being serious now. Read this book.

Plot: Jackie Wallace has been happily dating Kennedy for the last 3 years.  She followed him to college even though the school doesn’t cater to musicians like her and while she doesn’t have their future all mapped out, she does know that he will figure in it somehow.  But when Kennedy breaks up with her unexpectedly, Jackie is left adrift, hoping to redefine herself however she can. For starters, she stops going by the nickname Jackie which her ex gave her, instead insisting on Jacqueline even to long time friends. Her attempt at reinventing herself is hampered when a boy she knows attempts to rape her as she leaves a frat party. Her erstwhile rescuer is a nameless yet gorgeous hunk who disappears as quickly as he appeared. When she sees him again in her economics class, she decides that this tattooed and pierced bad boy might be the best way to get over her recent breakup. As they begin a clever game of cat and mouse, Jacqueline also initiates a not so innocent online flirtation with her economics tutor. Between the attentions from both new guys, her ex, and her attacker along with juggling school and her own friends, simply living is turning out to be anything but easy.

Review: Oh. My. God. Y’all. It’s been a long time since I read a book so perfectly written; yet once again, Tammara Webber proves that she’s a master at what she does. The plot is basic: girl is adrift. Girl attempts to redefine herself. In doing so, girl needs saving. Gorgeous hunk saves her. Girl and gorgeous hunk test the waters. Girl can’t decide between him and another mystery guy. See! So simple. Deviously simple if you ask me.  If anyone else were to write it, I’d say, “Pishaw!  Boring and overused.” But Tammara makes this fresh and alive in a way not many authors can. Take Jacqueline, the heroine who is hoping to redefine herself only to have that stymied by an angry behemoth hoping to prove his dominance by raping women. Instead of whining and crying and losing herself, she holds true to her goals and ideals. There’s no annoying hand holding done by the reader and the character seems all the more real for it.  Her saviour, Lucas, is likewise so authentic and well, real as a character that you can visualize him cropping up just about anywhere (mainly in your bed but I digress…).  He is a hero to the nth degree but he’s also flawed and beautiful because of  that.  And yes, he’s a bad boy stud who also happens to be brilliant, tattooed, pierced, loyal, hardworking, ethical…the list could go on and on (and in my mind it does, trust me). But he’s very much a broken character who’s looking for someone to help him finish reinventing himself.  When these two dysfunctional people meet, it’s as if suns explode and worlds crash, but what’s left behind is the possibility of something wholly new.  That’s the driving force behind this book–the possibility of reinventing oneself as even better than before. And obviously, before you start in with the, “Judith, stop boring us with your college-esque review of a YA novel!”, this is also a fantastic love story. You get some really sexy scenes that never devolve into smut; you get to watch the evolution of a relationship from virtual strangers to lovers; and you get to meet a fiercely guarded, damaged boy and girl blossom into something new.  It’s amazing to read and just so perfectly written. The dialogue is great, the pace of the book is superb (I finished it in one day. One day! Impossible for me lately with all the other parts of my life pulling and tugging at my available time), and just everything fits together so seamlessly that you actually lose yourself in the world created. I feel like readers and books have the possibility to mesh and repel just like people and for some reason, the mojo Tammara Webber works really clicks with me. So all I can say is, if you agree with our reviews and think our ideas are pretty similar, BUY THIS BOOK. You’re gonna adore it.

Based on the following criteria:

How much did I like the heroine: 10. Jacqueline read like my best friend. She was spunky and gutsy and didn’t let the fact that she was bummed out by Kennedy’s break up deter her in any way. In fact, she used it to reinvent herself! Even when she was hiding from the fact that some douche tried to rape her, she was still likable and fun and willing to give other guys a shot.  Plus she didn’t want just a rebound fling with Lucas, the tattooed hottie. She wanted something more! I like that she wasn’t willing to settle.

How much did I like the love interest: What number comes after 10000000? Is that a bagillion? Lucas is HOT. And when I write, HOT, I really mean fan yourself, hold onto your panties, and be ready to crane your head around if he walks near you hot. Boyfriend is swoonworthy. He saves girls from attacks, he’s brilliant, he’s on every do-gooder cause known to man at his college, he lived through a horrific experience and doesn’t let it stop him from living life, and was willing to turn his bad choices from high school into good ones in college. I just adore him.  He’s everything you wanted in a college boyfriend but couldn’t find because he was too busy buying beer illegally or cramming for tests or something. God, why oh why wasn’t a guy like this one hanging around my economics classes at NYU?

How believable is the plot:  10. Rape and the aftermath of it are harsh things that are sadly 100% believable.  The only unbelievable part of this plot is that Lucas is pretty much always around to save Jacqueline from her would-be rapist.  In real life, we all know that there rarely is a hunk just waiting in the wings to protect a girl.  Here however his being around constantly has a reason and seems legit though a bit stalkerish in its own right. But who cares? He’s freaking Lucas aka the tattooed hottie!

How much did I like the writing style/editing/etc: 10. I said it above and I’ll say it again, whatever Tammara Webber’s doing just works for me. She’s got weird Judith mojo that makes me instantly love her writing. Everything is believable and well-written. Even small subplots seem to be well thought out and well crafted. She just seems to get what needs to be done in a novel and does it. Now, I know she’s a professed anal self-editor so that may be why but regardless (or in light of), there’s no grammar/spelling flaws, the writing is dead on, and everything just flows.

How much did I want to keep reading: 10. Hey, Tammara, how about a sequel where we just get to see more of Lucas and Jacqueline falling in love? Too boring, you say? Not enough potential for readership? Who cares! I’ll buy out your whole stock just to see that.

Final Score: 10/10. I can’t stop saying this. You will like this book. You will like this book. You will LIKE THIS BOOK. It’s well done, it’s refreshing, it’s fun, and not only is it light but it’s also dark in a way that hints at redemption for both main characters and gives us, the readers, something to look forward to throughout. Again, you will like this book and if you don’t, well, I don’t really think we have anything left to say to one another.

****Disclaimer: I got this book for free from the author. I swear I didn’t bribe her in any way, or get paid for my review. My review is wholly my opinion be it good or bad and has nothing to do with the author and his/her opinion of this book. And we might not be legit enough to need this disclaimer but after working at a law firm for many years it’s better safe than sorry!****

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It’s time for the Monday Roundup and yes, smarty pants, I know it’s Tuesday

Happy Faux Monday, everybody! I know, I know. It’s actually Tuesday and I really should have done the roundup yesterday but I have a big secret for you: I miss Ellen. I mean, I really, really miss her. When she’s not around, I have no will power and will spend all evening eating bonbons and reading Pure by Jennifer L Armentrout instead of actually being productive and updating the blog (golden bodied Seth calls to my baser instincts and for that there’s no excuse except for the fact that I’m female.) When Ellen’s around, I will churn out 2+ reviews a week which is rather ambitious for a working gal such as myself but let’s face it, right now we’re lucky if I can get anything written. I’ve got the Ellen withdrawal and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

This week was fabulous though! There’s so much going on: contests, reviews, cover reveals, guest bloggers…it’s got it all.

Now what I’m most excited about is this: a FREAKING BIG CONTEST WITH AWESOME SWAG! We’re giving away a Kindle Fire (yes, you read that right) to one lucky aspiring writer who tells us all about his/her dream wedding in 1000 words are less.  Get cracking, all you authors out there!

One of my most favorite YA authors, Tammara Webber, revealed her latest book premise and cover on our site. Easy will be a standalone novel following Jacqueline to college as she is forced to decide between her high school boyfriend, crazy stalker, college tutor, and sexy classmate Lucas.   Swoon! Plus look at this hot cover. Yum, I like me a good wrist:


Secret Vampire by LJ Smith: Terminally ill Poppy is given the surprise of her life when best friend, James, reveals he’s actually a vampire and changes her into one too in order to save her life.  10/10 READ THIS NOW.

Almost by Anne Eliot: Jess is still living with the repercussions of an attempted rape 3 years ago and in order to placate her parents she hires Gray to play her boyfriend to get her overprotective parents off her back. 9/10

Guest Blogger:

Meet Richelle, everybody! Doesn’t she seem so fun and down to earth? Look at those glasses! I’m a big fan. Approved, Richelle! Approved.

And last but not least, my Reading List:

1.  Running Wide Open by Lisa Nowak: I’m really loving this one! It’s so refreshing to have a male protagonist and no lovey dovey crap. I’m almost done with this and think the review should be up soon.

2.  A Strange Fire by LH Cosway: This is one of the books that an author approached me about reviewing. I love being thought of as some serious reviewer so I must admit that I gave an adament, “yes!” when asked to read it.  I might not have checked out the blurb about it yet but am really digging that cover. It reminds me a lot of John Green’s Looking for Alaska cover but hopefully there will be a lot less tears.

3. The Lure of Shapinsay by Krista Holle: Hello naked cover! I love covers with half-naked men on them, granted this “man” appears a little more pubescent than man. Frankly I prefer a beefcake but beggars can’t be choosers, here. Irish myth and a lot of skin? Sign me up! Not the biggest fan of prose written in accent though…we’ll see how it goes.

4. Fix by Leslie Margolis: Who can say no to teens and plastic surgery? This is fascinating stuff and I can’t wait to read this one.

Now I am off to drool more over Seth and hate on Aiden in Pure by Jennifer L Armentrout. Seriously, what’s Alex’s problem?! If Seth were sniffing around me and wanted someone to abuse him thoroughly, I would sooooo be on board with that. Just sayin’.

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