Binge on Books Top Books of 2017: Sara Beth’s Favorites

Sara Beth’s top reads of the year

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I Love YA Fiction’s Top Picks of 2013

Woohoo, it’s here: 2013 is so passe! To kick off this new year, I’m giving you my top picks from 2013. There’s a few NA, some hardcore M/M (not for the weak of heart! But so well written even if you are!), and some fun YA. Note, not all of these books were released in 2013; I just happened to read them during the past year. Let’s get to it! Read on and tell me if you agree!

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Readers’ Choice Best YA/NA Books of 2012, part 1

We asked, you answered and the response was overwhelming to say the least!

Gotta hand it to you: YOUR list of the best Young Adult and New Adult from 2012 is amazing! A lot of these are on my TBR and a lot I’ve read (and totally agree with you by the way. You all have superb taste in books). If we reviewed it, I’ve also included a link to the review and the # of stars.

Now I must tell you. You gave us so many awesome reads that I had to break this list up! I’m giving you 25 at a time until we’re done and hope you can keep up!

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The Best YA Books of 2012: We Need YOUR Help!

Hey there! Since 2012 is slowly and inexorably drawing to a close, Ellen and I got together last week for our monthly Drinks + Dinner + YA Discussion. We started reminiscing about all the awesome reads we’d gotten our hands onto this year and book titles and authors were flying fast and furious. If you want to know how it went down, that conversation went a little like this:

Judith: “Dude, I read so many good books this year!”

Ellen: “Totally. Me too!”

Judith: “Like that one book with the girl who–“

Ellen: “YES! Or that paranormal one with the kid who wouldn’t–“

Judith: “Totally agree…you know, maybe we should compile them in an excel spreadsheet so that all those awesome readers out there have them in list form.”

Ellen: [sigh] “You know I hate compiling things. And Excel. Oh and spreadsheets.

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Can’t you just do that for me?”

Judith: “I could but I think I know a better way…”

The better way is this: YOU tell us your favorite book of 2012. Comment about it, email it, tweet it, facebook it. But tell us and I’m going to compile a huge list of 2012 bests so that we can all benefit from the book adoration. Then around December 27th, I’ll randomly pick a few books from the recommendations we get and give them away to a few people who threw their favorite out there (randomly using my trusty random contest picker of course). My idea of a few books and a few people is currently hovering around 3 but could go to 5 or more.

So please think long and hard about it and let us know your pick for the Best Books of 2012! There are so many to choose from and so

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many great authors to discover…be sure to throw your fave into the ring so more people can read it.

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