An Interview with The Complex author, Cathy E Zaragoza

A few months ago, back when we were very new to this whole book blogging thing, I was chatting away quite obliviously one night with one of our twitter followers, Cathy Zaragoza. BTW this was all done by twitter so I may be elaborating a bit.

“Cathy,” I said in a wheedling tone. “I desperately need entries into a Jillian Dodd Dream Wedding writing contest. Can you help me out so I don’t look like a tool with no entries?”

Cathy very coolly responded with, “Oh sure, sign me up. I write a bit, I dabble. I can come up with a sweet and poignant entry for you, no problem.”

“Wait, you write?” I asked, dumbfounded because in the like 4 months we’d known each other that had somehow NEVER come up. “Huh. That’s cool. What have you written?”

And then Cathy proceeded to wow me even more by whipping out a link to her self-published novel, The Complex and then letting drop the bomb that she’s like 21 or 22 and was already hard at work on the sequel to it with ideas for the third and fourth just fomenting up there in her brain.

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