Authors Interviewing Authors: Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner interview each other

Today on Authors Interviewing Authors, it’s fantastic writing duo, Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner! They write sexy, diverse historicals set around the 1960s space program. Their stories are unique, and relevant, and just so spot on. If you haven’t picked them up, well, I highly suggest you devour the three books already out before getting in line with the rest of us while we wait impatiently for book 4!

In the meantime…here’s this awesome writing team talking about writing together, how they met, and a super list of stuff even they didn’t know about each other after four years.

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A list of why I love Texas: an homage of the random

Did you know that I’m in Texas? No? Are you sure? I only post about it everywhere on every form of social media oh about a bagillion times a day. For real.  Anywho, my parents moved here about 5 years ago and I have to admit that I never really cared one way or the other.  But now, I’m starting to see the error of my ways! I love Texas. Don’t get me wrong, I’d never move here because, well, I’m a Northeastern gal at heart and after 14ish years in or around Manhattan, I just can’t let it go but still, I can appreciate the good in other places (mainly because it showcases all the short-comings of the Big Apple). So in honor of the great Lone Star State I’m posting a little list of all the random things I like about it:

-liquor in the drug store. LIQUOR IN THE DRUG STORE! This is a concept foreign to the Northeast where sometimes you can’t even buy liquor on Sunday (yes, I’m pointing a sharp stick at you, New Jersey) and if you can, sometimes it has to be after noon (and yes, this stick is for you, Massachusetts).

-99 cent stores. There is something intrinsically wonderful about buying crap at a fraction of the price even if it breaks in two days.

-grocery stores the size of football fields.  Come look at my neighborhood grocery store in Hoboken, NJ and you will see what a crapfest it is to fight people in aisles no bigger than 4 feet wide for dusty, outdated food. Everyone living in the suburbs has it so good!

Jillian Dodd. People, the amazing authoress of That Boy and That Wedding lives here!

-Chick-Fil-A. All chicken, all the time. And if you have kids there’s always some play structure to climb on so parents or aunts as the case may be can get a much needed break from the non-stop chatter and screaming.

-Big Trucks.  There is something intrinsically sexy about a beefcake man in a big, outfitted truck.  Drool!

-perma-tan. Everyone here in Houston exists in a perpetual sort of perma-tan mainly because there is exponentially more sun than ever hits up North. I have to admit: I’m jealous. My bleached out white flesh would give any vampire a run for his or her money.  Speaking of, I’m reading Love Reborn by JR Ward and LOVING IT! If you liked the earlier BDB novels, you are gonna adore this one. Check it out, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Except of course if you’re Ellen and you haven’t read the last 6 books and will call or text me every two minutes demanding to know what is going on and also, WTF?!

-Friday Night Lights (book or tv show; you pick, both are excellent)!!! Need I say more? I think you all need a visual actually and look! It combines two of my most favorite parts of the list: trucks, beefcakes, and FNL:

I’ll more than likely come up with more over the course of the next few days but for now, that’s all I’ve got.


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