Book recommendations from you and a giveaway!

Help! I’m leaving on a three week vacation and have absolutely nothing to read. Hard to conceive of but true. So here’s a fun way for me to get recs and a lucky winner to get a free book!

I totally heart books; how about you?

Here’s the deal:

You: leave the name and author of a great book you recently read. When I say great, I mean just that – I want something that wowed you; made you think about the characters long after it was over; made you wish that you knew the author so you could storm over to her home and then beg her to write a sequel.

Me: I’ll take your recs and get great reads for my trip *plus* I’ll gift one lucky reader a free e-copy of any book recommended (your choice!).

So start recommending away! Winner will be picked Tuesday around 9 pm.

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Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

Publisher: HarperTeen

Format: Kindle edition

Warning, warning (and mainly this is for any of you out there who don’t like those who shall not be named and have had computers/other electrical devices fried by them after negative reviews): THERE BE ANGELS IN THESE PAGES…but you know what? Who cares!? This book is so good that you’ll wonder why you ever doubted them in the first place.

No, I am being serious. Really. Stop reading this review and get this book. I’ll wait.

Are you back? Do you have the book in front of you? What are you waiting for, crazy pants??? Read!


After being born and orphaned in a convent in California, Anna is adopted by a single mom in Georgia. She grows up surrounded by love but thinking she’s a little offbeat in that she can read people’s emotions through the colors of their auras. This is strange but she thinks there’s nothing more to it. After going to a concert with best friend, Jay, Anna meets sexy/hot/dreamy/slutty but who cares(right?!) drummer Kaiden and her world is turned upside down. Turns out, she’s not as human as she thought: through Kaiden, Anna discovers that she’s actually a Nephillim, that is a human/angel child and she’s one of the rarest kinds, half guardian angel half dark angel. Each Nephillim or Neph as they’re affectionately called is linked to their dark angel (aka demon) parent and their jobs on Earth are to use their fathers gifts to cause trouble among humans. Lucky Anna is the daughter of the demon of addiction but because of her good angel half has been able to fight off a tendancy toward drugs and alcohol up to this point. Wanting to know more about her origins, Anna travels to California to seek out the nuns who helped at her birth and to meet her father who’s been incarcerated for the last 17 years. Kaiden, the son of the demon of Lust, accopanies her and a fragile relationship blooms between them. Little does Anna

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know that Neph cannot have relationships nor can they have their own lives. They are allowed to act for their fathers’ purpose and nothing more. Anna tries to break free from these barriers but the other Neph she encounters are unwilling to rock the boat and get themselves killed in defying the demon hierarchy. Will Kaiden and Anna get together? Will Anna let loose her addictive demonic side? Will the sequel hurry up and get here already?! Read on to find out.


OH. MY. GOODNESS. Ellen’s going to kill me, guys, cause I love

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me a book about Angels! This was so good that I don’t even know where to start. First off, the mythology is one we all know if we’ve had any exposure to the Bible. Angels fell from heaven and became demons. Fallen angels liked to get the hanky panky on with humans. Nephillim are the result of all that, etc. Wendy Higgins takes a mythology that is dry and overused and makes it oh so interesting by setting it in the modern world. Her depictions of demons are exactly what I’ve imagined and are just awesome to read. Nothing devolves into a blame game, bible thumping romp either. Following Anna’s awakening as a Neph, we’re presented with the demon/angel mythology and left to decide for ourselves what’s good and what’s bad. At times, the Neph are presented as reveling in their demonic natures and at others we can see they truly despise what they are. I really applaud Wendy Higgins for writing about angels and demons and not boring me. A lot of her descriptions of Anna could have become schmaltzy and holier than thou as this half angel/half demon girl wrestles with learning her true nature. But they never do. Instead Anna is presented as a mature teen who must decide for herself if she wants to embrace the dark or the light. She is extremely astute in her observations but she’s ultimately a teen so the way she flounders when handling emotions or certain situations is just spot on. Then there’s her relationship with Kaiden which just confuses things all the more. The son of the demon of lust, Kaiden’s work on Earth is to sleep with women. No joke. And when he sets his sights on Anna, I was about to implode from the fire! It’s done so tastefully though that nothing ever felt tawdry or as if the author were using sex to sell her book. In fact, Anna and Kaiden never do the deed because she wants to wait for a committed relationship. Again, this could have been represented in so many ways (so many boring ways at that!) but unlike many other books where the heroine saves herself for marriage, this one didn’t make me want to roll my eyes and gag. Anna is not averse to the sexy times, but she wants it to happen with someone she cares for and who cares for her in return. With all the rampant sex running through YA lit these days (and you know me, I’m not really complaining about it!), it’s refreshing to see a heroine make a commitment to herself. That’s not to say that she doesn’t waver in her decision and I liked that about Anna. It made her more relatable and appear as if she were truly battling the two halves of her nature. You really get to see her grow as a character and discover things about herself in a delicate and realistic manner. As we all know, that’s my absolute favorite part of YA fiction (beyond the cheesy love stories and hottie love interests of course), the transition away from child to adult by the teen characters; the act of maturing over time and learning to deal with incredible situations whether they be paranormal or otherwise. And oh my god it was pitch perfect here!

I do have one caveat: there are a ton of crazy names in Sweet Evil: Kaylah, Marna, Ginger, Blake, Kaiden, Gerlinda, Kamapo…the list is unending but I gotta tell you, it didn’t bother me one bit. a) because we’re dealing with mythological creatures and b) because almost everyone human has a normal name. Props to you, Wendy Higgins, for using the wacked out names in a logical way.

Based on the following criteria:

How much did I like the heroine: 10. Anna is truly one of those rare YA characters that has convictions but doesn’t harp on them or seem like a virgin, goody two shoes. I really believed in her decisions and her way of handling herself. She was honest and mature and exceedingly loyal to her friends. As she goes through a huge period of self discovery over the course of the book, it would have been so easy to delve into the negative side of her nature. She does have some forays into addiction under her father’s eye but never revels in them, instead finding the experiences crude at best.

How much did I like the love interest: 10. Kaiden is sex on a stick! This sums up his entire character for me: he and Anna are kissing and he asks her when her mom will be calling. She tells him in an hour and his response? “That is definitely not going to be enough time.” Uhhh, sign me up for that, son of the demon of lust! I am more than okay with your brand of hedonism.

How believable is the plot: 10. Setting aside all that you think is real and come on, this is a paranormal book so you’ve pretty much already done that, this plot is rocking! It is fast paced and interesting, even when it has long passages explaining the whole angel/demon mythology. I could really see a lot of the scenarios Higgins’ describes with people wavering over agonizing decisions and getting nudged by angels and demons on both sides.

How much did I like the writing style/editing/etc: 10. Wendy Higgins has one of those styles that lacks in adjectives but still opens up a whole world to us. I like to call it terse in that she gets to the heart of her meaning without beating around the bush. It’s fast paced, fluid, and exceptionnally well written. The dialogue is fabulous and the characters are flawlessly described and introduced. I want more from this author!

How much did I want to keep reading: 100000000. There’s going to be a sequel but who knows when! Wahh! I wonder how I can be one of her beta readers…cause I need more of Anna stat! I don’t even need more Kaiden (who am I kidding? I do!) but I want to learn more about the Neph and Anna’s role in their world so bad.

Final Score: 10/10. Love love love. Can’t say it enough. Get this book and if you don’t believe me, send me an email and we’ll discuss why you should: iloveyafiction at

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Contest time: Tammara Webber Easy Giveaway

Now, it’s no secret that I have a bit of a girl-crush on Tammara Webber. “And why shouldn’t I?”, I ask shrilly to

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anyone who so much as raises an eyebrow to it (and granted I may sound a tad defensive here but I’m no crazy). My reasons for all the love are legion, the first and foremost being: she can write a love story so believable and so dreamy that Ellen and I will literally read and reread her books over and over and over ad nauseum. And each time it just gets better, people! She’s got a very clear and fluid literary voice and her stories are very unique. Best thing is that the rest of the world is finally starting to perk up and take notice too. Just last week her newest release, Easy, made it onto the New York Times bestseller’s list and is still there having climbed to position #20. Woot woot! High praise indeed for an author who, up until a few years ago, wrote only for herself and is entirely self-published.

So to honor this feat we’re having a Tammara Webber Easy giveaway. Just because we can!!! Yeah, that’s how we roll. We like books and we give them to you. As a fun add on to the contest, Tammara has graciously agreed to answer a few of my questions about Easy which we’ll be posting on the day the winner is announced. Which means that even if you don’t win, you’ll still be lucky enough to get some burning questions answered and then maybe you won’t feel quite so bad. And heck, if any of you have those hard hitting questions that you’re sure we won’t think of, she very well may answer those too so feel free to ask them in the comments section when you tell me your means of entering the contest.

Speaking of, this contest is extremely simple to enter and get multiple entries for (plus we’re not very imaginative so you may have unwittingly don’t a few of them already). Now if you already do any of these, just tell us in your comment to have it count. But remember, you must comment telling us which methods you’re using to enter or we will not know and it will not count:

1. Like Us on facebook

2. Follow us on twitter (@iloveyafiction)

3. Post a comment (come on, this is a gimmie!)

That’s it for this one! See, Easy. Contest runs from June 25th – July 4th. Winner to be announced July 5th. Contest is open to anyone 18 years of age or older. Book will be given in e-book form. Good luck!

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On the hunt for a FT guest blogger

Hello.  Do you like to think and write? Are you pretty good at both? Do you love books? No, I mean do you love  love books? Do you have a bit of free time on your hands and want to read some new YA novels that you wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to? Do you consider yourself one or more of the following: witty, snarky, thought provoking, a decent writer, intelligent, captivating, and/or able to follow directions. Yes? Yes! I Love YA Fiction is looking for a FT guest blogger for the summer (mainly July and August). I need someone who has the time, inclination, and talent to give us 2 reviews a month.  I know, I know: we were impetuous and brash, promising a review daily way back in the beginning of the site. But now, we’ve matured and realized, who the heck has time to read and review a book a day?! I just can’t, people! So I need you to help me out. I can’t pay you anything but I can publish your reviews (hey, you’ll be a published author!) and talk about how cool you are on twitter (@iloveyafiction), facebook (our FB page), and any other social media site you request.

If this is you, here’s what I need:

a writing sample

a little biography of yourself which you will allow to be posted on the site

a graphic you feel represents you which you will also allow to be posted to the site

Send it to: iloveyafiction @ gmail dot com.

If you want to include a funny story to make me laugh, I wouldn’t say no.  Please submit everything by Friday, June 22nd, and I will contact the person I best think fits our site and views.  Thanks for the help! I’m going to be very happy to meet you.




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Win an awesome J.L. Armentrout Covenant Gift Pack!

Here at I Love YA FIction, we love our readers. No, I mean we really really love you. And just as much as we love you, we equally love JL Armentrout, fabulous author of Obsidian, Half-Blood, and Pure. Guys, get ready for it: we got some nice swag at Book Expo (BEA) and we want to pass it on to you! So in honor of our visit to BEA, JL Armentrout, and the fact that we’re just uber-nice people, we’re giving away a cool JL Armentrout Covenant gift pack for one lucky reader.
This gift pack includes:
1 copy of Daimon, 1 copy of Half-Blood, 1 copy of Pure and 1 Covenant T-Shirt (caption: Got Titanium? Black, size XL. Sorry, that’s all I’ve got!).
All of this is for you! Well if you’re the winner that is.
Now in order to win, all you have to do is one of the things listed below and then leave a comment on this giveaway post letting us know which you did. You can do all 5 and have even more chances to win (if you already follow us on either twitter or facebook or have signed up to receive emails, you can use those as entries when you comment):
1. follow us on twitter
2. follow

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us on facebook

3. sign up to receive our blog emails
4. post this content on your blog/site (heck we’ll give you 2 entries for that!)
5. comment on this post telling me which of JL Armentrout’s books is your favorite (Obsidian is an acceptable answer!)
The more ways you enter, the more chances you have to win! And remember, unless you tell us about it in a comment, we don’t know you’ve done it and that you’re counting it toward your entry.
Contest runs from June 9th – June 21st. Open to all residents of the continental USA (48 contiguous states) and anyone who is 18 years of age or older. Winner can choose either paperback or ebook version of books. Winner will be announced the morning of June 22nd.
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Easy by Tammara Webber

Easy by Tammara Webber

Publisher: Self-published

Format: Kindle Edition

Girls, not since Sarah Dessen wrote Wes, the hottie tattooed bad boy turned better man, has a hero been this hot. No, really, I can tell you don’t believe me and you would be wrong. This kid is sizzling in a way that absolutely does not make me want to make a funny sizzler joke (though really I do and I just saw this hilarious one on Twitter: Sizzler’s slogan is “where America comes to eat”. They must wonder how so many of us survive without food.) All I can tell you is that you gotta read this book and I’m being serious now. Read this book.

Plot: Jackie Wallace has been happily dating Kennedy for the last 3 years.  She followed him to college even though the school doesn’t cater to musicians like her and while she doesn’t have their future all mapped out, she does know that he will figure in it somehow.  But when Kennedy breaks up with her unexpectedly, Jackie is left adrift, hoping to redefine herself however she can. For starters, she stops going by the nickname Jackie which her ex gave her, instead insisting on Jacqueline even to long time friends. Her attempt at reinventing herself is hampered when a boy she knows attempts to rape her as she leaves a frat party. Her erstwhile rescuer is a nameless yet gorgeous hunk who disappears as quickly as he appeared. When she sees him again in her economics class, she decides that this tattooed and pierced bad boy might be the best way to get over her recent breakup. As they begin a clever game of cat and mouse, Jacqueline also initiates a not so innocent online flirtation with her economics tutor. Between the attentions from both new guys, her ex, and her attacker along with juggling school and her own friends, simply living is turning out to be anything but easy.

Review: Oh. My. God. Y’all. It’s been a long time since I read a book so perfectly written; yet once again, Tammara Webber proves that she’s a master at what she does. The plot is basic: girl is adrift. Girl attempts to redefine herself. In doing so, girl needs saving. Gorgeous hunk saves her. Girl and gorgeous hunk test the waters. Girl can’t decide between him and another mystery guy. See! So simple. Deviously simple if you ask me.  If anyone else were to write it, I’d say, “Pishaw!  Boring and overused.” But Tammara makes this fresh and alive in a way not many authors can. Take Jacqueline, the heroine who is hoping to redefine herself only to have that stymied by an angry behemoth hoping to prove his dominance by raping women. Instead of whining and crying and losing herself, she holds true to her goals and ideals. There’s no annoying hand holding done by the reader and the character seems all the more real for it.  Her saviour, Lucas, is likewise so authentic and well, real as a character that you can visualize him cropping up just about anywhere (mainly in your bed but I digress…).  He is a hero to the nth degree but he’s also flawed and beautiful because of  that.  And yes, he’s a bad boy stud who also happens to be brilliant, tattooed, pierced, loyal, hardworking, ethical…the list could go on and on (and in my mind it does, trust me). But he’s very much a broken character who’s looking for someone to help him finish reinventing himself.  When these two dysfunctional people meet, it’s as if suns explode and worlds crash, but what’s left behind is the possibility of something wholly new.  That’s the driving force behind this book–the possibility of reinventing oneself as even better than before. And obviously, before you start in with the, “Judith, stop boring us with your college-esque review of a YA novel!”, this is also a fantastic love story. You get some really sexy scenes that never devolve into smut; you get to watch the evolution of a relationship from virtual strangers to lovers; and you get to meet a fiercely guarded, damaged boy and girl blossom into something new.  It’s amazing to read and just so perfectly written. The dialogue is great, the pace of the book is superb (I finished it in one day. One day! Impossible for me lately with all the other parts of my life pulling and tugging at my available time), and just everything fits together so seamlessly that you actually lose yourself in the world created. I feel like readers and books have the possibility to mesh and repel just like people and for some reason, the mojo Tammara Webber works really clicks with me. So all I can say is, if you agree with our reviews and think our ideas are pretty similar, BUY THIS BOOK. You’re gonna adore it.

Based on the following criteria:

How much did I like the heroine: 10. Jacqueline read like my best friend. She was spunky and gutsy and didn’t let the fact that she was bummed out by Kennedy’s break up deter her in any way. In fact, she used it to reinvent herself! Even when she was hiding from the fact that some douche tried to rape her, she was still likable and fun and willing to give other guys a shot.  Plus she didn’t want just a rebound fling with Lucas, the tattooed hottie. She wanted something more! I like that she wasn’t willing to settle.

How much did I like the love interest: What number comes after 10000000? Is that a bagillion? Lucas is HOT. And when I write, HOT, I really mean fan yourself, hold onto your panties, and be ready to crane your head around if he walks near you hot. Boyfriend is swoonworthy. He saves girls from attacks, he’s brilliant, he’s on every do-gooder cause known to man at his college, he lived through a horrific experience and doesn’t let it stop him from living life, and was willing to turn his bad choices from high school into good ones in college. I just adore him.  He’s everything you wanted in a college boyfriend but couldn’t find because he was too busy buying beer illegally or cramming for tests or something. God, why oh why wasn’t a guy like this one hanging around my economics classes at NYU?

How believable is the plot:  10. Rape and the aftermath of it are harsh things that are sadly 100% believable.  The only unbelievable part of this plot is that Lucas is pretty much always around to save Jacqueline from her would-be rapist.  In real life, we all know that there rarely is a hunk just waiting in the wings to protect a girl.  Here however his being around constantly has a reason and seems legit though a bit stalkerish in its own right. But who cares? He’s freaking Lucas aka the tattooed hottie!

How much did I like the writing style/editing/etc: 10. I said it above and I’ll say it again, whatever Tammara Webber’s doing just works for me. She’s got weird Judith mojo that makes me instantly love her writing. Everything is believable and well-written. Even small subplots seem to be well thought out and well crafted. She just seems to get what needs to be done in a novel and does it. Now, I know she’s a professed anal self-editor so that may be why but regardless (or in light of), there’s no grammar/spelling flaws, the writing is dead on, and everything just flows.

How much did I want to keep reading: 10. Hey, Tammara, how about a sequel where we just get to see more of Lucas and Jacqueline falling in love? Too boring, you say? Not enough potential for readership? Who cares! I’ll buy out your whole stock just to see that.

Final Score: 10/10. I can’t stop saying this. You will like this book. You will like this book. You will LIKE THIS BOOK. It’s well done, it’s refreshing, it’s fun, and not only is it light but it’s also dark in a way that hints at redemption for both main characters and gives us, the readers, something to look forward to throughout. Again, you will like this book and if you don’t, well, I don’t really think we have anything left to say to one another.

****Disclaimer: I got this book for free from the author. I swear I didn’t bribe her in any way, or get paid for my review. My review is wholly my opinion be it good or bad and has nothing to do with the author and his/her opinion of this book. And we might not be legit enough to need this disclaimer but after working at a law firm for many years it’s better safe than sorry!****

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April 16th: Monday Roundup!!!

Hey hey, everybody! Per usual, it’s been a little light on posts around here–busy busy, family in town, visiting exotic places, grad school mayhem, too much booze, yada yada–you know the drill and our list of excuses…so, how telling is this?!  As I was typing the subject line of this post,  I began to write, “March” which means  my head is stuck in the past, people, cause today is April 16th! More than half the month of April is gone and I didn’t even see it.  Sigh. Well, this week there’s not a whole lot to round up because Ellen and I have been a whole lot of lazy.  There is some awesome CONTEST news (think big, big prizes like a Kindle Fire, Amazon gift cards, a free book), a review or two (but that’s just figurative because there’s only just the one review), and my reading list. Yes, you can ooh and ahh to your heart’s content.

So to get this party started right:

Jillian Dodd, author of That Boy and That Wedding and lover of all that is beefcake and sexy, is the final judge in our Dream Wedding writing contest!! Entering 1000 words or less on your perfect wedding day will earn you a chance to have your prose judged by the lovely Jillian and could win you a Kindle Fire, Amazon Gift Card, or e-copy of That Wedding. If I could enter, you know I would because Judith loves a good wedding (especially hearing about them from all of our readers).  Click here for all the details!

We reviewed:

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare by Melissa Jensen (not to be confused with the stupidly titled, The Truth about Truth or Dare, which admittedly is a title of my own invention. Yikes!): Emotionally and physically scarred Ella begins a friendship with Willing School’s resident popular hottie, Alex, and must learn to battle her own inner demons in order to take their relationship to the next step. 9/10 for blanket awesomeness!

My current reading list in no particular order:

Life on the Edge by Jennifer Comeaux: ice skating, a hot young coach named Sergei, and two separate recommendations to read this have finally convinced me to do just that!

Struck by Jennifer Bosworth: A dystopian novel involving a girl who can harness lightening written by one of our guest bloggers shot this bad boy to the top of my list. Plus I feel uber-cool reading an ARC and can’t stop saying things to my husband like,”Do you like my ARC?” and “Did you see this ARC? This is a book no one else has, baby. Boo-yah!”

Legend by Marie Lu: Another dystopian novel featuring districts and a faceless republic. I liked the simplicity of the cover and the cat and mouse game that the two main characters are sure to play.

What a Boy Wants by Nyrae Dawn: The main character goes by the moniker, The Hook-Up Doctor, and tries to help girls land the guys of their dreams–for a fee. The premise alone is hilarious enough to snag my attention, now let’s hope the prose keeps me hooked.

Night Sky by Jolene Perry: Ridiculous covers and odd Native American penchants aside, this book was recommended by several of our amazing twitter followers so I thought I would give it a shot. As long as there’s a hot guy (there is) and some sort of brave, spunky girl (also there, natch), I am set.

Well, that’s it for the roundup this week, folks.  It’s slim pickin’s but hey slim is better than non-existent.  So for now, let me leave you with this:

Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Repeat who?
Who Who!

Ha! Gets me every time!



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Almost by Anne Eliot

Hi all! Judith here. Remember yesterday when I mentioned that we had a fabulous guest blogger named Richelle and that she would be doing an equally fabulous review of Almost by Anne Eliot? Well…here it is! Thanks to Richelle for stepping up and helping out, we appreciate it.



Almost by Anne Eliot

Publisher: Butterfly Books

Format: Kindle Edition

When Judith put out a desperate call for help from a guest blogger (at least that’s how I heard it), I jumped at the opportunity. I hope my review of a great book will be read by millions and millions of people all across the world! Oh, sorry, I’m getting a bit carried away. Anyhoo, I heard about this book from my friend who reads a book a day (seriously, who does that?!) and thought it would be the perfect book to read and review for the blog! Thank you, Judith, for giving me this great job.

3 years ago, Jess Jordan decided to sneak out of her house. This turned out to be a horrible mistake. She went to a party where a senior almost raped her. She developed PTSD after this incident and doesn’t remember anything from that night. Nothing has really helped her recover, even seeing a counselor on a regular basis. If Jess sleeps very long when it’s dark out, she has terrible nightmares and sometimes even screams out loud.

As the time goes by, she seems to be getting better, as long as she takes naps during the day and drinks several Red Bulls to keep her awake. Her parents have promised her that if she keeps improving, they will let her go to college after she graduates. To continue to show her parents her improvement, she tries to get a summer internship. At the final interview, she meets Gray Porter, and can’t take her eyes off of him! He’s so dreamy! Then an idea hits her! Ask Gray to be her “contract” boyfriend for the summer. What better way is there to prove that you are normal besides having a gorgeous boyfriend?

What Jess doesn’t know is that Gray was there 3 years ago when she was almost raped and he saved her. Gray has been trying to find a way to let her know what happened, even though everyone, including Jess’s parents, have been hiding the truth from her. So, Gray decides that this is his only opportunity to let her know what really happened and make it up to her. The only problem is, they are falling in love.

You would have to be heartless not to like this book, and I am the total opposite of heartless (I’m not sure if I cried more at The Notebook or Wall-E!). I was interested immediately in the story, especially when the first line is “The third Red Bull was a mistake”. Anyone who drinks that many Red Bulls by lunch has to be interesting!

Throughout the whole book, you experience how Jess and Gray are feeling and continuously growing closer. I kept comparing this book to one of those movies where you want to yell at the screen “just say what you are thinking!”, but then you realize

that if they did that, the movie would be over and I definitely did NOT want this book to be over, so I kept my mouth shut!

What a great story for girls of all ages to read. It was a serious topic and every woman has at one time or another thought about this happening to herself or someone she knows. There is even a list of resources for women that have been victims of attempted or completed rape.

Aside from the serious issues in the story, there is a beautiful love story. It is exactly how 2 teenagers would act if they were falling in love, especially if they had the pasts that Jess and Gray have. It makes me want to be a teenager all over again (a little bit).

Based on the following criteria:

How much did I like the heroine: 9. Jess was obviously having a hard time getting back to her normal life. And who wouldn’t after what she had been through? But I kept thinking, would someone who is having these problems really approach a guy this gorgeous and ask him to do this? I’m not really sure. But, I felt her pain and I won’t give her anything less than a 9!

How much did I like the love interest: 10. I’m pretty sure Gray was actually Superman’s brother! He saves Jess from an attack, he has black hair with a curl that falls down onto his forehead, his eyes are beautiful (excuse me, let me wipe the drool from my mouth). He gave up his spot on the ice hockey team because of what happened to Jess. This guy really puts everyone ahead of himself. I just wanted to keep reading to hear Jess explain more about Gray and to just hear Gray talk!

How believable is the plot: 9. There is no question that what happened to Jess (and Gray) was believable. Though the behavior of the other characters is still a bit unsettling. For instance, for such protective parents as Jess has, it’s hard to believe they aren’t more involved with her summer boyfriend. I mean, they didn’t even meet the guy! I feel like if this had happened to my daughter, I would HAVE to meet a boy that she was going out with. What is most believable is the feelings that are forming between Jess and Gray, what great writing!

How much did I like the writing style/editing/etc: 10. Anne Eliot wrote using both Jess’s and Gray’s point of view. What a difference that makes to a story! If I was only reading one side of the story, I definitely would not have enjoyed this as much. To see and hear how they feel about each other just makes you feel all bubbly inside at times and makes you want to cry at times.

How much did I want to keep reading:
10. I could not put this book down! I had to make myself stop reading as my eyes were drying out at 1 am a few nights in a row. I also had to keep reminding myself that there is a 2 year-old girl (yes, my spawn) living in my house that was probably going to wake me up in 6 hours!

Final Score: 9/10


Yoohoo, it’s Judith again. Can I just say, who names their kid Gray??? How unfair is that? That’s just setting him up for a world of hurt. Regardless, when Richelle told me about this book I was ready to jump on it and now after reading her review, I’ve bought it. My weekend is looking up!

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