YA Review: Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Just ListenYA Review: Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Publisher: Penguin Group, LLC

Format: Kindle, 2008

Reviewed by: Ellen

Genre: YA

Final Grade: 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 out of 10

Choosing your favorite Sarah Dessen book is more challenging than choosing your favorite cocktail – they’re all so awesome (plus cocktails are also easier cause many contain whiskey…not a fan). While Judith has already shared her favorite, I felt it’s time to introduce you all to MY favorite, a book I love so much that I almost purchased it when I found a copy in South Africa just because it was there, which contains one of my Top 3 YA Hotties Of All Time!

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Books and Boys: We all have “types”

A few days ago, after yet another Judith/Ellen books conversation, I realized something: I totally have a book “type”. Just like how I know that the tall, über-jock looking guy at the bar will be the one I go for (it’s a weakness!) there are some books that, no matter how bad they might be for me, I will buy. Doesn’t matter if they’re YA/NA/romance novels, or if the book has a zillion 1 star reviews on Amazon, I just can’t say no! So now, dear readers, Judith and I are joining forces for just the second time to discuss our book types. Do you agree? Have we missed any important ones? What are yours??? Please let us know we’re not alone! Read More

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