March 12th: It’s Monday! What’s that mean? Round to the up.

Yo, yo, people! I know I have been out of comminque and for that, I’m sorry but really I’m not since I was snowboarding and generally enjoying a life that included copious amounts of barbequed foods and smores.  I’m sure you understand.

Today’s roundup will seem a touch pathetic at first but then some exciting hints at things to come will stop making you seem sorry for us.   Okay I can’t contain myself and will just tell you all the fun stuff first before getting to this past week’s stuff!

So…the lovely Ellen, my blog buddy and friend, is out of the country on some African safari that I am not insanely jealous about. HONEST (ignore the teeth grinding and clenched jaw).

In her absence I have found two awesome guest bloggers to review some fresh new books for you:

#1 is a blog follower who stepped up to the plate in response to my call for help.  Yeah, she’s that awesome.

#2 is an established YA author who has a new book coming out soon that you just might get some inside scoop about.  You’re welcome.

One of my all-time fave YA authors, Tammara Webber, was good enough to give us a sneak peek of her newest standalone novel! And we’re passing it on to you this Friday, March 16th.  I’m talking cover, blurb, the works! Get excited for it cause you know I’m squeeing in my seat.


This week was sparse! Yikes! Need to correct that.

If I Can’t Have You by Lauren Hammond: Redheaded Robin has the hots for lifeguard, Drake, after he saves her from drowning. Several years later she makes a move and is caught in an emotional tug of war between him and his equally good looking brother, Elliot. I gave it 2/10 because it was pretty lackluster and a bit trite. Oh and badly written.

What The Heck Are We Reading?

1. Running Wide Open by Lisa Nowak: I’m really loving this one! It’s so refreshing to have a male protagonist and no lovey dovey crap. I think I’ll miss the romance here soon though which may prove a good thing for Book 2.

2. The Lure of Shapinsay by Krista Holle: Hello there! I love covers with half-naked men on them, granted this “man” appears a little more pubescent than I’d like. Frankly I want a beefcake but beggars can’t be choosers, here. Irish myth and a lot of skin? Sign me up! Not the biggest fan of prose written in accent though…we’ll see how it goes.

3. The Fine Art of Truth or Dare by Melissa Jensen: No clue about the premise really but like many women, am a sucker for the obviously teen-inspired cover.

4. A Strange Fire by LH Cosway: This is one of the books that an author approached me about reviewing. I love being thought of as some serious reviewer so I must admit that I gave an adament, “yes!” when asked to read it.  I might not have checked out the blurb about it yet but am really digging that cover. It reminds me a lot of John Green’s Looking for Alaska cover but hopefully there will be a lot less tears. Oh and is it just me or does A Strange Fire make you instantly think of Strange Fate by LJ Smith? I must admit, my heart started pounding when I saw the title.

Do You Want Us To Review Your Book? 

If so, check out our submissions page. We are shameless in our love of new books and rarely turn away anyone.  Be aware that as of right now, we are only accepting book submissions of books that are already published, be it on one’s own or through a publishing house.

And that’s it! See, told you it was rather a sad week for reviews, etc but hopefully the promise of fun stuff to come will keep you hungry for more.



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