Found on Judith’s Bookshelf: undeniable proof that I was into YA way before you were born!

So tonight I was rooting around on my bookshelves, trying to discover some long forgotten YA novel that I may not have gotten around to reading. You know how it goes: you mosey on over to the stacks and start poking around through the books. They might be layered 2 and 3 deep so you can’t always see the available titles but you know there’s some hidden gems in there and even though you know pretty much all the books on the shelves by heart, you keep hoping against all odds that one day you’ll look and something new will be found, wedged waaaay in the back. It’ll be a first edition something signed by someone pretty famous. Cause that is totally plausible.

Well, folks, I kid you not, tonight that happened! I found this beauty in the very darkest corner of the very bottom shelf:

It might not seem very cool until you realize that it’s a 1996 first edition with this bad boy on the inside:

It must have slipped my mind (how? HOW???

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It’s a sieve up there I swear!) but way back in the day, I used to be an ARC reader for Francesca Lia Block. Seriously as I started going through a lot of this stuff I had tucked away with this book (there was swag and old letters), I got a wave of nostalgia and remembered how amazing it was to get a book that had just been printed. Something you had been endlessly waiting to read. Needless to say it really drove home the fact that I love YA and always have…and luckily now I have a hankering to read some Francesca Lia Block! Old School of course.

Do you have a favorite FLB book? If so, please share…her books are poignant and hard hitting, getting you deep down and never letting go. Not even 16 years later it would seem.



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