Author Spotlight: Priscilla Glenn

Hey, you! Welcome to our first ever Author Spotlight. Woot woot! I’ve made it my mission in life to find out more about the authors I love and you just get to benefit from it. Lucky ducks! Tonight’s Author Spotlight is focusing on someone who has recently burst out on the scene with a debut novel you might have heard of:

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Our Winners of the Jillian Dodd Dream Wedding Writing Contest

If you’re anything like me (though let’s just remember that we’re all individuals here) then you LOVE free stuff. And after what seems like an interminable amount of time, you’ve probably been thinking to yourself, “Now I know I wrote a kick butt entry into that I Love YA Fiction writing contest but how come there hasn’t been any sort of hint at who the winner is? I mean, my writing skills are superlative so what the howdy hoo are they doing? I want my Kindle Fire!” Well, you would not be mistaken in wondering what the howdy hoo the hold up is. But have no fear! The winner(s) is here!

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April 16th: Monday Roundup!!!

Hey hey, everybody! Per usual, it’s been a little light on posts around here–busy busy, family in town, visiting exotic places, grad school mayhem, too much booze, yada yada–you know the drill and our list of excuses…so, how telling is this?!  As I was typing the subject line of this post,  I began to write, “March” which means  my head is stuck in the past, people, cause today is April 16th! More than half the month of April is gone and I didn’t even see it.  Sigh. Well, this week there’s not a whole lot to round up because Ellen and I have been a whole lot of lazy.  There is some awesome CONTEST news (think big, big prizes like a Kindle Fire, Amazon gift cards, a free book), a review or two (but that’s just figurative because there’s only just the one review), and my reading list. Yes, you can ooh and ahh to your heart’s content.

So to get this party started right:

Jillian Dodd, author of That Boy and That Wedding and lover of all that is beefcake and sexy, is the final judge in our Dream Wedding writing contest!! Entering 1000 words or less on your perfect wedding day will earn you a chance to have your prose judged by the lovely Jillian and could win you a Kindle Fire, Amazon Gift Card, or e-copy of That Wedding. If I could enter, you know I would because Judith loves a good wedding (especially hearing about them from all of our readers).  Click here for all the details!

We reviewed:

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare by Melissa Jensen (not to be confused with the stupidly titled, The Truth about Truth or Dare, which admittedly is a title of my own invention. Yikes!): Emotionally and physically scarred Ella begins a friendship with Willing School’s resident popular hottie, Alex, and must learn to battle her own inner demons in order to take their relationship to the next step. 9/10 for blanket awesomeness!

My current reading list in no particular order:

Life on the Edge by Jennifer Comeaux: ice skating, a hot young coach named Sergei, and two separate recommendations to read this have finally convinced me to do just that!

Struck by Jennifer Bosworth: A dystopian novel involving a girl who can harness lightening written by one of our guest bloggers shot this bad boy to the top of my list. Plus I feel uber-cool reading an ARC and can’t stop saying things to my husband like,”Do you like my ARC?” and “Did you see this ARC? This is a book no one else has, baby. Boo-yah!”

Legend by Marie Lu: Another dystopian novel featuring districts and a faceless republic. I liked the simplicity of the cover and the cat and mouse game that the two main characters are sure to play.

What a Boy Wants by Nyrae Dawn: The main character goes by the moniker, The Hook-Up Doctor, and tries to help girls land the guys of their dreams–for a fee. The premise alone is hilarious enough to snag my attention, now let’s hope the prose keeps me hooked.

Night Sky by Jolene Perry: Ridiculous covers and odd Native American penchants aside, this book was recommended by several of our amazing twitter followers so I thought I would give it a shot. As long as there’s a hot guy (there is) and some sort of brave, spunky girl (also there, natch), I am set.

Well, that’s it for the roundup this week, folks.  It’s slim pickin’s but hey slim is better than non-existent.  So for now, let me leave you with this:

Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Repeat who?
Who Who!

Ha! Gets me every time!



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