The Keatyn Chronicles: Date Me by Jillian Dodd

Publisher: Bandit Publishing (April 9, 2013)

Format: Kindle

Reviewed by: Ellen

Plot: Homecoming! Private planes! Trips to NYC! Stalkers! As with Kiss Me, this book picks up right where the

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last one ended and continues Keatyn’s experiences at her posh boarding school. There’s still a lot of shopping/fashion talk, romance, and great parties with her friends, but there are also new problems with creepy stalker Vincent, revelations about one of her bffs, discovering more about one character that really sheds light on that person’s actions, and some heartbreak. Oh, and of course tons of hot guys!

Review: Serious question you guys: at what point are people in books going to actually start listening to what I’m yelling at them to do? Because jeez Keatyn, how many times do I have to tell you a guy is into you (and he’s awesome, and sweet, and rich, and totally hot) at the TOP of my lungs before you listen to me?! I mean, nothing against the guy you’re with but come on!

Okay, that off my shoulders I have to say there were two aspects of this book that really stuck out and made me enjoy it. First is the friendship between Keatyn, Riley, and Dallas. I’m so happy Keatyn finally opened up a bit to her friends and that they were always there for her when she needed them. Dallas and Riley are amazing friends and it’s important that she can lean on them during the rough times she’s going through, no matter what’s going on.

The other aspect of the book that I really liked was the background which was exposed about a character that I honestly don’t like. The character’s attitude and actions are much more understandable when viewed through the lens of what we discover, and while the character didn’t make a 180 degree personality change (which I’m happy about since they’re so often trite) I’m glad we learned much more about their background. It’s easy to look at people in terms of black and white but it’s important to remember that everyone has a backstory which explains a lot about their behavior. You don’t have to accept that behavior, but understanding is important. (Except for mimes. There’s NO explanation for mimes that I’ll accept or understand.)

This being said, my biggest issue with the book is exactly the same one I had with Kiss Me – there’s really not a whole lot of action. Keatyn is basically in the same place at the end of the book as she was in the beginning, with VERY notable exception which I can’t tell you about cause it’s a surprise!! (AN AWESOME SURPRISE!) But other than the surprise much of what occurs is in many ways exactly the same as in Kiss Me, and I’m sorry but there’s only so much fashion talk I can handle. OH! One thing I have to mention because it seriously disturbed me was that one of the characters (reminder: a teenager!) has gotten “at least two” girls pregnant, takes no responsibility for it, and no one seems shocked/upset by this whole thing. What. The. F.

In the end I’m going to give this one an 8 out of 10. It was enjoyable and I can’t wait for the next book but I wish more had happened in this one.

Based on the following criteria:

How much did I like the heroine: 8. One thing that made me really happy about this book is that Keatyn isn’t flitting about with 4 guys like she was in Kiss Me, which I found to be seriously disturbing. She seems to be maturing in terms of both romance and her overall interactions with other people – for instance how she handles all the Homecoming Court stuff. She still makes some stupid choices in light of her safety concerns and spends an insane amount of her life thinking about/talking about/shopping for clothes, but she’s also a teenager with basically no parental guidance which makes her actions more understandable.

How much did I like the love interest: 8. I’m sorry you guys but I just don’t really like Dawson. I don’t even know why (well, yes I do, it’s because I want her to be with Aiden) but I won’t be buying my Team Dawson t-shirt any time soon. Now that being said, I think he’s generally an amazing boyfriend who is sweet and really thinks about what will make Keatyn happy. Until he’s not and then I got mad and UGH. I have to stop myself. But you guys – the ending? I honestly bounced a bit in my chair I was so excited. YAYS!!!!

How believable is the plot:

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10. Having recently been introduced to “Rich Kids of Instagram” on Tumblr I have no doubt all this stuff is believable. Completely outside my experience but also believable.

How much did I like the writing style/editing/etc: 10. The version I read was actually pre-editing but I’m giving this a 10 because Jillian’s editing is always solid and I’d die of shock if this was otherwise.

How much did I want to keep reading: 7. Parts of the book were lower but it’s balanced out by the fact that I yelled “NO!!!!” aloud at the end when the action was starting to get REALLY good.

Final Score: 8/10. I could’ve used more substance throughout the book but who cares. Bring on the next one!

****Disclaimer: I got this book for free from the author. I swear I didn’t bribe her in any way, or get paid for my review. And we might not be legit enough to need this disclaimer but after working at a law firm for many years it’s better safe than sorry!****


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