Where You Are (Between the Lines #2), by Tammara Webber

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Let me preface this review by stating only that I started reading the first in this series only 6 days ago and just finished the third (this morning. At 3 a.m.) High praise indeed.  It takes quite a lot–and I’m talking elemental ice lords, Nebraska beefcakes, and shockingly green eyed aliens living right next door–to force me to read any book that quickly cause girlfriend has things to do if you catch my drift. Well, each book in the Between the Lines series not only has that special something but has it in spades. I mean, not even Ryan Gosling can handle having to wait for the next in the series because he just intuitively gets the greatness of Tammara Webber’s books.

So, not to keep you in anticipation any longer…


Emma Pierce, the heroine of Between the Lines, has wrapped up filming School Pride, the Pride and Prejudice knock off that forced her into close confines with teen celebrities Graham Douglas, Reid Alexander, and Brooke Cameron.  What came out of the filming was a friendship with the hopes of something more from Graham, a short lived relationship with Reid, and a passing acquaintance with Brooke.  While in New York scoping out colleges, fate brings Emma and Graham back into contact and she learns why he was so reticent to begin a relationship with her before.  Shockingly, Graham has a daughter but his feelings for Emma allow him to open up about his personal life and she feels a connection to him that goes deeper than friendship.  Tentatively, the two begin a relationship hoping that the next few months of promotional activity for School Pride won’t hinder the development of something more between them.  However it’s not the film that threatens them but Brooke and Reid who form a grudging alliance in order to break up the happy couple.  Brooke has decided that after four years of friendship, she and Graham are perfect together.  Reid hopes to win back Emma after Brooke steals Graham away from her.  Together they act out devious plots but what they don’t count on is the bond that Graham and Emma share and the trust they have in one another.  When their relationship is put to the ultimate test, they don’t come through it unscathed but happily their love prevails.


I called this book Where Are You for the last week and even told the author herself that I was reading it with the wrong title (d’oh!). But come on! I couldn’t bring myself to care about silly things like titles because the book is freaking good! Emma and Graham read like every high school girl’s dream of a perfect relationship. Okay, okay, every grown woman’s dream too.  The guy is thoughtful, caring, writes poetry for her, has a daughter that he adores (props for good fathering even at the age of 20!), is well to do in his own right, and has a kiss that can inflame her.  He is responsible and likable and is comfortable with silence.  Sigh…can he come be my fictional boyfriend?  The story is extremely well written.  You all know me and my pet peeves with poorly written YA fiction.  I mean, just because the target audience is a younger crowd does not mean that the quality should suffer. In fact, a book should be better written as it’s young minds that are being affected.  Tammara Webber writes with a sensitivity and open mindedness that is difficult to find.  She discusses the hard facts of teenage life–drinking, drugs, promiscuity, teen pregnancy, cheating, homosexuality–and does so in an apropos context.  Her book does not condone the illegal stuff merely because celebrities are involved.  Anything illegal or over the top generally appears pathetic or done as the result of something horrific.  It’s teen fiction that is mimicking the pitfalls of adulthood and is done extremely well.  The deviousness of Brooke and Reid bothered me a bit because frankly I just wanted Emma and Graham to get together since they are so obviously perfect for one another.  But the drama they stirred up as well as the feelings that their deception uncovered makes it all worthwhile.  The story is told in alternating viewpoints through the voices of each of the four main characters: Emma, Graham, Brooke, and Reid.  Let me tell you straight up that Brooke and Reid will leave such an unpalatable taste in your mouth that you will wonder how you can stomach reading about Reid exclusively in the next book, but believe me, this will not last.  You will love to hate Reid and Brooke as much as you will love Emma and Graham.

Based on the following criteria:

How much did I like the heroine: 9. My opinion of Emma didn’t change in this book because Tammara Webber does a fantastic job of making her consistent.  She is the same character she was from book 1: strong willed, sticking to her guns, keeping her morals, never losing sight of her goals. She does mature and begin to make the important decisions in her life which always wins points with me.

How much did I like the love interest: 10. Graham was smokin’ hot in this book! He was so likable, sweet, and straight shooting. He didn’t play games. He laid it out there because he was always honest with Emma.  Plus he had a 4 year old daughter that he convinced his ex-girlfriend to keep so that he could raise her.  This guy is unbelievable!

How believable is the plot: 10. Deception and celebrity mix so well in this book.  It’s like Gossip Girl on a much grander scale. Whether you find it in a high school, an Upper East Side setting, or in Hollywood, teens being led by their hormones to perform devious acts is always believable.

How much did I like the writing style/editing/etc: 10. She does it yet again.  Tammara Webber manages to write a book that is well paced, evenly written, and with four different points of view.  The individual voices of the characters actually feel real, not forced like in a lot of novels.  You can tell the difference between the male and female characters which is a big plus in my book.  Another selling point is that the dialogue and slang are spot on.

How much did I want to keep reading: 10. OMG I only have one book left to read before it’s all over.  The world is so cruel. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Final Score: Another 10/10 (or as close as it can come so I’m calling it whatever I want).  This book feels more like the second half of book 1 and really lives up to the anticipation and tension we feel at the end of the first. Read it. Read it. Read it. And then you can move on to the hotness of Reid’s book (p.s. I have been converted from a Reid hater to a Reid lover.  No clue how it happened or that it was even possible.  But there you have it.)

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